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Women Leader Hanna Lam: Bringing Women Leadership to Chicago City (USA)

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Ms Hanna Lam
Ms Hanna Lam

From a student at Pro Image Academy who desired to improve and develop her public speaking skills, nurturing the goal of becoming an inspiring motivational speaker for other women, Hanna Lam, a women leader, decided to become a WLIN Partner and establish WLIN Chicago++ to gradually fulfill her dreams and bring the global community of female leaders officially to Chicago, USA.

The journey overcoming challenges in a foreign land

At the age of 20, without financial resources or relatives, a girl named Hanna Lam set foot in the United States with a big dream. At that time, the inspiring words of former US President and billionaire Donald Trump, “If you only live once, dream big,” ignited a strong fire within the young girl. With the desire to become self-reliant on her own feet and build a career in the most powerful nation in the world, Hanna Lam took gradual steps to pursue her dream.

The bigger the dream the more clear detailed and diligently executed the actions should be every day

Lacking proficiency in the language, Hanna Lam spent time studying and communicating with native speakers. Without experience in entrepreneurship and business, she began searching for courses to learn and correct her mistakes.

Looking back on the journey she has taken, Ms. Hanna Lam shared, “At first, I was truly confused and struggled in what seemed like a never-ending cycle. Learn – do – make mistakes – correct. I didn’t know when it would end. There is no easy journey, especially the path of business people, but as long as you persevere, give your utmost effort, you will surely reach your desired destination.

Self-development is a top priority

For women leader Hanna Lam, as a wife, mother, and business owner of multiple companies, her top priority is focusing on herself, taking care of and loving herself, and allocating all resources to self-development.

Ms Hanna Lam

She stated, “For each of us, ourselves are always the most important. This body, this spirit, will be with us from birth until death. People around us may come and go, but we ourselves will always be here. That’s why taking care of and loving ourselves is extremely important. When women have enough internal strength and self-love, they will know how to take care of those around them, look after their families, husbands, and children, manage household chores, and fulfill social responsibilities. When a woman understands what she wants, she will easily find ways to achieve those things with peace and happiness.”

That’s also the reason why, during the past period, female leader Hanna Lam has always dedicated time and energy to learning from courses and successful individuals who inspire her positively. She added, “Wherever I am lacking, I will seek teachers and suitable classes to enroll in. Continuous learning has helped me constantly improve myself every day, and my perspective has become increasingly diverse.”

Building a humanitarian community for women in Chicago, USA

After achieving relative success in the United States, female leader Hanna Lam continues to set a goal of becoming an inspirational speaker, spreading positive energy to women out there, with the desire to create and build a community of confident, progressive, and happy women.

In October 2023, Ms. Hanna Lam registered for the course “The Art of Public Speaking” organized by Pro Image Academy, with the intention of learning, improving her public speaking skills, and ultimately being confident in the role of a speaker at small and large events to share and motivate others. Here, she was greatly inspired by the lecturer, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, and the global network of Women leaders, WLIN Global, because of their mission “For a progressive women’s community.”

WLIN Chicago ++ business dinner

With the desire to build a civilized community where the beautiful women around her in Chicago have the opportunity to connect, learn, and develop through meaningful and practical humanitarian activities, Hanna Lam decided to become a WLIN Partner to establish WLIN Chicago++ in the United States.

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