Female leader Pham Vu Quynh Anh: Becoming a WLIN Partner and founding WLIN Great Gatsby to bring an experience of prosperity, vibrant living, and connect with a global community of female leaders.

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Ms Anna Phạm
Ms Anna Phạm

Pham Vu Quynh Anh, a female entrepreneur, is currently the Founder of Queen Ann Entertainment Group, which includes Cabaret shows, Diva shows, and Luxury Travel. She recently made the decision to return to Vietnam from Phuket, Thailand, to start her own venture in the field of Cabaret shows and high-end Luxury Travel. Along her journey, she was fortunate to meet a special mentor who has been guiding her.

Quynh Anh shared with us her reasons for becoming a WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings and her aspirations and desires to bring the form of high-end entertainment art, Cabaret, closer to the Vietnamese people.

Ms Anna Pham Founder of Queen Ann Entertainment Group

Q: Can you share a little bit about yourself and your business? What are the strengths of your business?

I am Pham Vu Quynh Anh, the Founder of Queen Ann Entertainment Group. My business specializes in organizing artistic entertainment shows in the form of Cabaret. Queen Ann Entertainment Group includes Cabaret shows, Diva shows, and Luxury Travel.

Cabaret is a unique form of entertainment art that combines elements such as comedy, music, and dance. It is distinguished primarily by its performance stage and audience seated at tables to enjoy food, drinks, and the performances. Cabaret originated in France in the 1800s and has continued to exist until today. It has spread worldwide as a distinctive, diverse, and gender-inclusive form of stage entertainment art that combines various art forms and talents.

Q: So what led you to make the decision to return from Phuket, Thailand to Vietnam to start a business in this field?

In Phuket, Thailand, Cabaret is highly developed and has established itself as a prominent and renowned specialty. Particularly, high-end shows organized exclusively for VIP clients are highly popular.
Currently, we are facing the challenging global economic crisis. However, according to many economic and social experts, Vietnam is projected to become a new gem of Asia in the near future, attracting investments due to its political and social stability. Additionally, the affluent class in Vietnam, who possess economic means and high social status, is increasingly seeking out and appreciating various forms of entertainment, demonstrating a refined taste for enjoying and indulging in life. This presents an opportunity that Queen Ann Entertainment is seizing to keep pace with the evolving trends after this period.

Ms Anna Phạm President of WLIN Great Gatsby

Q: How did you become aware of the international Women Leaders’ Network (WLIN Global) and WLIN Global Holdings?

I became acquainted with the international Women Leaders’ Network (WLIN Global) almost 10 years ago when I was living and working in Hanoi. I had the opportunity to participate in various events such as Business Lunch and Business Tours organized by the network at that time. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful Chairwoman of the network, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong. Every time I met her, I saw a successful businesswoman with a radiant smile, bright eyes, and a visionary mindset. She had a friendly and connecting approach to everyone she met.

During that period, I was not yet a business leader and did not have my own business. However, for over six years, being a member of WLIN has been one of the driving forces and sources of inspiration for my continuous personal and business development. To my surprise, after six years, my dream became a reality, and it became even more wonderful when I had the opportunity to become a WLIN Partner and develop my own Club.

Q: What led you to become a WLIN Partner and establish the WLIN Great Gatsby Club?

As I shared earlier, I had been observing and following the journey and development of WLIN Global for quite some time. Here, I witnessed the personal growth of each member, the quality relationships formed, and the highly effective business networking opportunities.

Being someone who desired to build and develop the Cabaret show art-entertainment genre in Vietnam, I believed that the WLIN Global community would be an ideal platform to help me easily spread and achieve my personal and business goals.

The Great Gatsby symbolizes prosperity worldwide, especially during the economic boom in the United States in the 1920s, with its extravagant and luxurious parties. That’s why I chose the name “WLIN Great Gatsby” for the global community of women leaders that I would create once I became a WLIN Partner.

I hope that WLIN Great Gatsby will attract members from various high-end fields who have a refined taste for art and entertainment. Together, we can contribute to creating a prosperous community with exhilarating experiences and a vibrant lifestyle.

Ms Anna Phạm President of WLIN Great Gatsby

Q: Can you share the most significant value you have received from the international Women Leaders’ Network (WLIN Global) up to this point?

I officially became a WLIN Partner and embarked on building my own club on October 20, 2023. I must say that the recent period has been a miraculous journey for me with the development of valuable relationships. WLIN Great Gatsby has already attracted talented women leaders who have taken up key positions. This has provided me with additional motivation and inspiration to confidently pursue the development of WLIN Great Gatsby in 2024.

Furthermore, in a very short period of time, I have connected with incredibly talented, beautiful, and energetic sisters and peers from other clubs within the network. Through each attended event, I have had the opportunity to learn and gain valuable knowledge and experiences from members from various fields and different countries around the world.

Q: What do you have to say to the Board of Directors of WLIN Global Holdings?

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Chairwoman Nguyen Thu Huong – an outstanding mentor and advisor who has been with me throughout this journey. She has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me to start my entrepreneurial journey in Vietnam and a goal for me to continuously improve and strive for. Thanks to her consultation and guidance, I have taken firm and confident steps as I am today.

As a new WLIN Partner, I would like to extend my thanks to the women leaders who have supported and assisted me in building the WLIN Great Gatsby Club. Here, we have truly become friends and close teammates, exchanging, sharing, and supporting each other in our business and personal lives.

Q: Can you share a little bit about your personal life philosophy?

For me, a life of freedom and happiness is the greatest success. We only have one life, so let’s live it and enjoy every moment. I also have a strong desire to share and inspire this positive way of living with other women out there. Each of us is a unique soul with our own stories and journeys. Dream big, be fearless, and take action. There is no dream too big.

Ms Anna Phạm President of WLIN Great Gatsby

Thank you for your recent sharing. Congratulations on becoming a new WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings and successfully establishing the WLIN Great Gatsby Club. I hope that your WLIN Great Gatsby Club will attract many members and flourish in the f

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