Yao Zi Ling

Yao Zi Ling fell in love with the former director of the night, and Sarah’s ex-husband, Raymond, fell in love. At the same time, she also had an extra-circle “second wife” who was suspected of falling into a four-horned love. Zi Ling immediately dismantled the bomb, indicating that he had broken up with Raymond before the incident, and the other party had separated from his wife. The incident has come to an end, but today (31st) there are reports that readers broke the news, provided a dialogue tape of suspected antelope and mistress, and she and Raymond’s bed intimate photo.

The report said that the reader was a close friend of the mistress. The recording of Zi Ling was mainly because she complained to her mistress that the reason why Raymond and her wife Sarika were separated was that he was not mature enough, and often flirted with other girls, plus working in the night. No time to spend with my wife. The other recording was that the antelope was dismantled by Raymond and the wife was broken, but the other party refused to recognize it. “I will ask you more once, and you will go to see your wife. You will be convinced.” The last recording was that Zi Ling told the mistress that Raymond wanted to borrow the other person to make it difficult for him to retreat. Don’t go to Raymond’s house again, but Zi Ling said that he did not intend to “depart from the scene”, but also said: “I am a special Go to the channel (Raymond)!”.

The second wife’s meticulousness also pointed out that Zi Ling always knew that Raymond wanted to be reconciled with Sarika, so she teamed up with the mistress to force Raymond to sign a divorce as soon as possible, breaking the news that the antelope was willing to be a mistress and that Raymond had repeatedly broken up with her. Only Zi Ling died to compete with the second wife for Raymond.

Mistress also provided the media with an intimate photo of the antelope and Raymond. As can be seen from the photo, the gazelles wore a white swimsuit and embraced Raymond intimately, and looked forward to the camera. The mistress was questioned, and the antelope was open to the media earlier. I don’t know if I was photographed as a “bad photo”, but I have to pay attention to it. The “bed photo” that was carefully provided and the “bad photo” that last flowed out did not seem to be taken on the same day, and the last photo, Zi Ling I was sleeping, so Zi Ling said that she did not know that she was photographed at the time and there was no problem. The meticulously provided recordings have no substantial evidence to show that the person who talks with Yao Ziling is a “second wife” and advises readers not to “follow the car too.”

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