Shangari-La Dialogue

State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe attended the 2019 “Shangari-La Dialogue” (also known as the Asian Security Summit) held in Singapore from Friday to Sunday (May 31-June 2).

On Sunday (June 2), he said that the 4 June incident was a “political turmoil”. It was the correct decision to describe the central government’s decisive measures to calm the turmoil.

Wei Fenghe made comments on the June 4th incident in response to questions. He pointed out that China has undergone earth-shaking changes under the leadership of the Communist Party during these 30 years. “Do you say that we are not doing it right?” The Chinese side has reached a conclusion on June 4th. “It is a political storm and political unrest.” He pointed out that the central government took decisive measures to stop peace and turmoil. It is a correct decision and it is, therefore, possible to maintain domestic stability.

Wei Fenghe invited other people to visit China, which can better understand this history.

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