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In recent years, besides being a world of superhero movies, sci-fi space movies have also shown an upward trend, like the early years of Interstellar, First Man, and China’s “Wandering Earth” in recent years. “There are good results. Recently, Brad Pitt will appear in the new sci-fi space movie “Ad Astra” (provisional translation: Star Rescue)!

Today’s officially announced the first wave of Ad Astra’s first wave of predictions. This time, Peter will play a light autistic space engineer and inherit his father’s wish to perform the “Neptune mission” alone. After the year, life and death were not clear, and in order to find out the signs of alien biological information, Bishop decided to go through the solar system to find out what his father might still survive, and find out why the father’s mission failed.

The source of Bishop’s father performed a very high-confidence experiment that one of the original materials had a great threat to the solar system, enough to destroy all creatures, but the spacecraft disappeared without a trace after leaving the earth for 16 years. In addition to finding the reason, this time, Peter Baptist has to perform another task, and the responsibility he shoulders is even greater. When he is in space, he seems to face many challenges. The space station suddenly has a space station. In the event of an explosion, Bipett lost his weight and fell into space. The next second was that he was lying on the hospital bed. How did he succeed in getting out of danger? Or is it just a dream for him?

In addition, the English version of “Star Rescue” is called “Ad Astra”, and “Ad Astra” is the rumor “Per Ardua as Astra” from the Royal Air Force. This Latin meaning is “the star in adversity” (Through Adversity to the Star), and the next issue of the Journal of the National Aerospace Society will be named after this.

Director James Gray once said: “I have heard that NASA is looking for some Emotionally Underdeveloped people to land on Mars. It is not an easy task to stay in the spacecraft for a year and a half. So I am merging. In the style of A Heart of Darkness, NASA accidentally misjudged the astrologer’s affordability and told him that he couldn’t grasp the depth of space exploration and collapse in space.”

I believe that in addition to finding out the reasons for the failure of the mission, Bishop will have to face the story of trying to return to Earth safely after the collapse.

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