Chuan Pingbao

Ping An Insurance (2318) may repurchase Lujin’s shares and involve the exchange of Ping An’s A shares and H shares, amounting to US$12 billion (approximately HK$93.6 billion). “Hong Kong 01” inquired about Ping An, the other party responded: “The company does not have any major acquisition plan, we have no information that should be disclosed but not disclosed.”

Another report quoted sources as saying that the relevant information is not true and the rumored transaction will not happen.

According to Acigers’ Mergermarket, two sources pointed out that due to the blocked listing plan of Lujin, it is now seeking shareholder consent to acquire more Lujin stocks. It is expected that the transaction will be announced shortly. The repurchase program will exchange the shares of Lujin through Ping An A shares and H shares. At present, there is about 70% of the shares of Lujin.

Since the end of last year, Lujin has been listed on the market. Hong Kong is a hot spot. However, the company has not been granted a P2P online loan business license from the Mainland, and it has failed to do so. Earlier, Lujin had completed Series C financing and was valued at US$39.4 billion.

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