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Japan is preparing for open gambling industry, allowing the construction of three resort projects including casinos. He Zilong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment, believes that the Group’s acquisition of 19.9% of Crown Resorts Ltd., if it passes the Australian regulatory review, is believed to help reflect to Japan the rigor of the company’s governance.

Japan project can surpass new movie

As far as he knows, Osaka, Yokohama and Hokkaido are interested in gambling. As the new city is preferred, the Group has submitted preliminary concept documents to Osaka. It is known that seven operators will submit it. The next step will be to submit proposals. At least $10 billion, I hope the project can surpass its new studio in Macau.

He also pointed out that for the group, the US-owned rivals have the biggest competition because the relationship between the United States and Japan is better. On the contrary, the relationship between China and Japan is average, but the group will try its best to make itself better and make arrangements earlier. competition.

Expected annual growth in gaming revenue

Macau’s gaming revenue fell 1.6% year-on-year last month. He Yulong expects that the gambling will recover in the second half of the year and there will be a single-digit growth throughout the year. He also reiterated that the Group’s main development of the mass market business has temporarily outperformed the market.

For the market, the news that the authorities intend to gamble in Hainan is again heard. He said that he and his team also went to the local area for inspection in the past. The laughter usually means that the news will be officially denied within a week, and the individual believes that there will be no gambling elements in Hainan in the next 2 or 30 years.

It is said that there is no extradition agreement between China and Hong Kong.

As for the Hong Kong Government’s intention to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, he said that Hong Kong and the United States have extradition regulations. On the contrary, Hong Kong and China do not. “It is a little ridiculous.”

He Xiaolong: I always hope to simplify the shareholding structure

In addition, the equity of Xinyi International (0200) is more complicated. He said that he has always hoped to simplify the shareholding structure. Therefore, the group earlier repurchased more than 5 billion yuan to buy shares of Melco Crown, which increased its shareholding from 51% to 54.6%.

As for Melco Crown, it announced that it will spend about 9.5 billion yuan to acquire the 19.9% stake in Crown Resorts Ltd. It also intends to invest in Japan and continue to develop the new project, which is a global company. The balance sheet is relatively conservative, and the post-crown liabilities are also maintained at a “comfortable” level. In the future, bonds and cash flows will support the group’s development.

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