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The Marvel superhero movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” was released today, although the foreign media Rotten Tomatoes is only 15% positive, which makes the audience hold a dubious attitude, but there are people who leave messages. “There will be another letter”, “咁都话伏”, “唔会理影评” and so on.

Let’s not talk about the episode of the current episode. When Sophie Turner, the actress, played the American talk show, she taught everyone to play the drinking game “Tequila Slaps”!

Sophie Turner attended the American talk show “Conan” hosted by Conan O’Brien, asking if she would play a drinking game. She said generously: “We will play, but not on the set, we play this wonderful game called Tequila Slaps.” When she asked the audience if anyone knew the game because she didn’t respond at the scene, she smiled and said: “It seems this is an X-MEN game!” Then Conan O’Brien was invited to experience it once, Conan O’Brien responded with a quick response: “Okay! They said that you have a mysterious plan, but I don’t know what it is, if you want, I will promise you!” Conan O’Brien broke into Sophie Turner’s evil trap!

Sophie Turner said that she really wants to play this game. First of all, she briefly introduces that two people must stand face to face before the game begins. One of them drinks a glass of wine. Before the next player drinks, the next player will “dip star” drinking. People. Conan O’Brien listened for 3 seconds before he nodded to understand, and then Sophie Turner took a bunch of wine next to the comb and filled him up, then asked him to stand up and start the game. 
Conan O’Brien asked me how much time I had before drinking? From the footage, Sophie Turner couldn’t help but smile. “You don’t have a lot of time.” And when he drank a glass of wine, the glass was just out of the mouth, she was ready to “sing a star,” and the scene was heard. The very clear and loud “squeaky” sound made the audience horrified, and the 56-year-old Conan O’Brien was beaten. Sophie Turner laughed and said “I’m sorry”. Add a hug, full ten “a glimpse of sugar”!

In the end, Conan O’Brien could only make a “squeaky” exclamation and smirk and even laughed that it was a wonderful slap. In addition, Sophie Turner shared that he used to play this game, and there was a purple hand print on the right side, and the second day was more frequented. Conan O’Brien couldn’t help but ask: “Have you been as strong as hitting me?” Sophie Turner responded without hesitation: “It’s harder than hitting you! We are all very powerful!” Asked if anyone had beaten her, she said: “Yes, if I allow them.” Prove that Sophie Turner is really fun and private!

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