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Taiwan’s “first model” Lin Chi-ling suddenly announced the marriage news yesterday (6th) and sent her to the Japanese male star AKIRA.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen was also asked about this matter when he was interviewed today (7th). She said: “Of course we must congratulate Zhiling sister, wish her happy marriage and happiness forever. As for the boys in Taiwan, I am sorry. Come, be self-reliant.”

In the past, Mr. Guo Taiming, the chairman of Hon Hai, who had an affair with Lin Zhiling and is now investing in the presidential primaries of the Kuomintang, also sent a blessing when attending the public event today. He also invited Lin Chi-ling to “return to Taiwan to have children”, referring to him. Has been elected president of Taiwan, will launch a maternal and child welfare policy.

Guo Taiming : Please send my sister Chi Ling back to Taiwan to have children.

Comprehensive Taiwan media reported that Guo Taiming went to Songshan Cihui Hall and Fengtian Palace to pay homage on the 7th. When he was interviewed by the media, he was first asked about Lin Zhiling’s marriage. Guo Taiming said that he chatted with his wife last night. He was surprised to hear that Lin Chi-ling was married, but she also wished her a blessing. “I heard that she wants to have a baby. At that time, I was probably elected. I will promote the welfare of children and children.” The policy will definitely surpass Japan. Please ask Chi Ling’s sister to return to Taiwan to have children. Taiwan’s welfare policy will definitely be better than Japan’s.

Guo Taiming also said that in the past, if Lin Zhiling did not introduce him to Zeng Xinying, he would not have this marriage. “She is my real introducer,” so today she is married and they are sincerely earning 120,000 points. “I heard that Mr. Lin Chi-ling is very talented and is an artist with great potential in the future in Japan. I am very happy that my sister Chi Ling has such a good home.”

Lin Chi-ling was once seen as a friend of Guo Taiming’s rumor

At the beginning of 2007, Lin Zhiling was invited to attend the end of the evening party of Guo Taiming Hon Hai Group. She also served as a special guest and Guo Taiming jumped a section of tango. At that time, Lin Zhiling carried her thighs to Guo Taiming while dancing. The two on the stage made the audience stark and impressed. . After several consecutive spring festivals, I continued to see the two people inseparable, causing speculation. It was not until Guo Taiming finally married his wife, Zeng Xinying (Lin Zhiling’s dance teacher), that the news came to an end.

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