Ngoc Trinh

Vietnamese actress Ngoc Trinh attended the Cannes Film Festival in May and put a lot of controversy in a nearly naked perspective. Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, said on Wednesday that the behavior of Deng Yuxi did not meet acceptable standards and plans to impose penalties.

Yu Yushan pointed out that Deng Yuxi’s actions undermine the image of Vietnam in the international community. He told the parliament in the Vietnamese parliament: “She is not the actress sent by the government to attend the film festival. Her clothes are very inappropriate and offensive, causing dissatisfaction.” He said that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is looking up. Existing legislation to punish related acts.

The Vietnam Express website (VnExpress) reported that Vietnam imposed fines on people exposed to clothing in public places. It is alleged that most of the people punished are celebrities.

In May, Deng Yuxi wore a black perspective lacquered skirt to attend the premiere of the movie “A Hidden Life”. The chest was wide open, the whole tulle was beautiful, the sorghum was open to the waist, and the lower body was only long. The skirt is covered.

Afterward, Nguyen Thai Binh, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, criticized Deng Yuxi’s clothing for violating the Vietnamese tradition and calling on the public to speak out against this illiteracy.

Deng Yuxi, who is known as “Vietnamese First Beauty”, “Vietnamese Angelababy” and “Vietnam Kunling”, has not been influenced by outside criticism. I don’t think so. “My clothes have been greatly appreciated. I don’t care how others criticize, and This dress is very beautiful, and I still have a good impression on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. I could not satisfy the world.”

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