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The former President of the HKMA, Mr. Ren Zhi, pointed out at the Shanghai Forum that the Mainland Science and Technology and Hong Kong Biotech Public Access can be linked to allow mainland investors to participate in Hong Kong Science and Technology Investment, while overseas investors can invest in Mainland Science and Technology. Investors and financiers are connected by establishing financial intermediaries.

Ren Zhigang also pointed out that Hong Kong, as an international financial center, should continue to play an important role in connecting investors and fund raisers around the world.

When talking about the Hong Kong dollar, he said that he did not worry about the development of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong dollar. He also pointed out that currency is only a trading channel. Whether investors choose Hong Kong dollars or foreign currency, doing business in Hong Kong or buying and selling stocks are welcome.

In addition, Ren Zhigang pointed out that the mainland regulators have a financial service to the real economy and pointed out that the regulatory authorities should have the courage to ask about whether they can help promote economic development.

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