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The situation in the Strait of Hormuz is strained. Cathay Pacific has changed its route.

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After Iran shot down the US military unmanned reconnaissance plane, the tension between the United States and Iraq continued. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an emergency notice on Thursday (20th) prohibiting all US flights from passing through the Strait of Hormuz to Iranian airspace in the Gulf of Oman. In addition to American Airlines, multinational airlines have followed the ban, including Cathay Pacific.

The US Federal Aviation Administration’s ban does not apply to airlines in other countries, but global airlines will consider the relevant factors and refer to the US, UK, France, and Germany for airspace risk warnings.

British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, KLM, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qantas, etc. The airline has announced a diversion to avoid the airspace.

Cathay Pacific (Friday) also indicated that it will avoid the Strait of Hormuz Airspace and will review the airspace and ensure the safety of all routes.

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