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The card storage is a game that Hong Kong people are keen on. Many people have a few credit cards in their wallets so that they can earn money when they store their shares. But the service of different card issuers is high and low. Do you know what?

JD Power, a market research organization, found that more than 60% of Hong Kong people have three or more credit cards, and the card issuer that tops the satisfaction list is not a mainstream traditional bank. It has been the leader for 4 years!

Credit card satisfaction rose overall

The survey agency JD Power published “2019 Hong Kong Credit Card Satisfaction Study”, which interviewed 2,770 Hong Kong people’s satisfaction with different credit card issuers, covering 11 major card issuers and ranking 9 of them. The survey measures satisfaction with six major criteria, including customer interactions, offers and services, rewards, customer communications, credit card terms, and key moments. It found a score of 1,000, and the average customer satisfaction reached 715 points, up 12 points year-on-year.

Mobile wallet penetration rate exceeded 60%

In addition, the survey also found that Hong Kong people are open to innovative payment methods. The penetration rate of mobile wallets has increased from 52% to 64% last year. 56% of respondents indicated that they may apply for non-bank card issuers. Credit cards issued (including technology companies). However, the card issuers of Hong Kong people who are on credit cards are still loyal. Only 37% of users said that they may switch to other issuers in the first year of cardholders, and 87% of respondents said that their card issuers’ websites and mobile applications are Compared with technology companies, it is not inferior.

JD Power Global Business News – Asia and Australia executive director Zhan Xingyuan said that innovative payment companies are actively occupying the market and providing more choices for consumers’ daily consumption patterns, and card issuers must ensure close contact with customers. He suggested that card issuers need to actively enhance customer interactions as they begin to build relationships with new customers.

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