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Maintain e-sports industry fair Korean legislation prohibits game training

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It’s easy to play, but online games have to chase Level, and they don’t have so much time. Some people will ask people to play and level. South Korea began on June 25th, banned games, up to two years in prison and a fine of 20 million won.

The maximum penalty of imprisonment for two years is 20 million won

The Korean game news site “Inven” reported that the “Game Industry Promotion Act” amendment focused on punishing the game. People who profit by leveling or pushing up high rankings or other unjustified reasons, such as acting players, acting ads and service providers, and opening avatars, are punished.

Check IP, winning rate to find abnormal account

The Korean online police team works with intellectual property departments and game developers to regularly monitor game data, such as player level changes, IP, winning rate, online time, and even player reporting, to find suspicious accounts.

In addition, suspicious transactions of valuable items will be monitored, but the trading of ordinary items is not limited.

Due to the large number of online games, it is estimated that it will focus on some popular games, such as Overwatch, which has been smashed for fakes.

South Korea has been vigorously developing the game and e-sports industry in recent years. The introduction of this legislation is intended to promote the normal development of the industry and reduce unfair practices.

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