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Han Men’s Team EXO Qingwatai is very excited to meet Ivanka and receive an autographed dish.

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After US President Trump concluded his visit to Osaka, Japan, he arrived in South Korea on Saturday (29th) and had dinner with South Korean President Wen Zai in the evening. The accompanying Trump daughter Ivanka Trump was shocked when she arrived in Qingwatai. Her favorite idol men’s team EXO was waiting for her at the scene.

Ivanka was in close contact with the men’s team EXO in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018 and said that “she and three children are big fans of EXO.” After learning that Ivanka liked EXO, Qingwatai specially arranged a surprise, and convened an EXO member to wait for the arrival of Trump and Ivanka at Qingwatai.

Ivanka was particularly excited when he saw the EXO members suddenly appear on the scene. During her time, she received an EXO signature album and shouted happily: “This is a signature!” The people took a big photo with the help of Harry B. Harris Jr., the ambassador to Korea.

Trump said “doing well” and seemed quite satisfied with the arrangement. After EXO, I also posted on the social networking site, thanking the Ivanka family for supporting them and hope to have the opportunity to meet again.

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