5 years ago

Cai Yilin Rong Deng Billboard User praise: It really is “International Cai”!

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Cai Yilin

Jolin’s Golden Melody Awards won two awards, “The Song of the Year” and “The Album of the Year”. The ceremony also sang “Weird Beauty”. After the ceremony, even foreign media rushed to report, and netizens could not help but Great praise: “Sure enough, it is international Cai.”

On July 2nd, the US “Billboard” reported with the title “Taiwan superstar Jolin Tsai is the big winner of the 30th Golden Melody Award”. In addition to introducing the Taiwan Golden Melody Award, he also wrote that “Cai Yilin won the annual single with “The Rose Boy”. The album “Ugly Beauty” is the album of the year.” In addition, “Billboard” also recorded the record of the golden songs since Jolin’s debut, and counted the winners of the golden songs of male and female singers, respectively, respectively, Jay Chou, Tian Hou Jiang Yan, each won 15 Block and 13 Golden Melody Awards.

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