hong kong nu'est

The popular Korean men’s group NU’EST will hold the “2019 NU’EST CONCERT “Segno” IN HONG KONG” concert on the 27th of this month at HALL 10 in Hong Kong. NU’EST has previously revealed that Chinese songs have been prepared for this performance, and today (9/7) NU’EST five members Aron, JR, White Tiger, Hyun Hyun and Ren are more Hong Kong LOΛ.E. (NU’EST Fans) send surprises, agree to meet fans at the end of the month!

In addition to the latest self-portraits, NU’EST handwritten the note “Is it ready?”, and the strength of Da Sao Chinese fans confessed to the fans. Although the handwriting is not beautiful, it is absolutely “stained with eyes” in the traditional Chinese characters written by foreigners. At this NU’EST Hong Kong concert, all fans who purchase VIP tickets will be able to clap up with NU’EST or participate in farewell sessions; fans with other tickets will have the opportunity to get a tour-limited folder. All fans who purchase tickets will receive an official poster.

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