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The “Fugitive Offenders Regulations” dispute continues. Recently, many netizens have been questioning the bias of wireless news reports. They have planned to launch a series of actions in the past few days, including boycotting TVB advertisers and surrounding TVB protests. TVB today (10th) did not fear that netizens would step on the scene and continue to arrange for the 15 candidates to go to the first round of the press in Kowloon Bay. It is known that the Assistant General Manager of TVB (non-theatrical production) Yu Yushan will also be present.

Unknown whether it was affected by the incident, TVB announced the cancellation of the “One Night Before the Release” event scheduled to be held at APM on the day before (8th)! However, today, 15 candidate candidates have been scheduled to meet in the press. The netizens have also launched a “support” campaign for the Hong Kong sisters. The scene is obviously alert. In addition to security at every door, the police are also on the off-site.

At the scene, there were also many people wearing masks outside the event, and the number of people increased significantly. The high-level Yu Yushan suddenly missed the event! When the mask person accepted the “Hong Kong 01” interview, he said: “I have seen that the wireless news is not full of distorted news, so I want to boycott all the activities of TVB, whether it is the promotion of the TV series, the mall show or the channel. All the generous activities, I would like to go to the scene to express my generosity! (If tvb冇 responds, will an action continue to fall?) I believe it will definitely be until the channel can be objective and fair to report the news! (Is there a lot of people calling for a protest?) Seeing that there are 2 or 30 people in the department, but there are a few supporters on the Internet!”

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