russian military

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said on July 23 that a Russian military aircraft broke into the airspace of the East China Sea and the South Korean army fired a warning.

Yonhap News Agency reported on the 23rd that two Chinese military aircraft and three Russian military aircraft flew into the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) in the eastern seas. One Russian military aircraft broke into South Korean airspace twice. After the South Korean army discovered the situation, it immediately dispatched fighters such as the F-15K and KF-16, and fired warnings in the direction of the Russian military.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials said that in the past, Russian military aircraft had entered its air defense identification zone several times, but this time it was the first time that Russian military aircraft violated South Korean airspace.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said that China and Russia were training at the time. It is unknown whether the other party intentionally invaded. The Ministry of National Defense said that it will later summon the ambassadors of the two countries to protest.

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