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Lawyers representing former Malaysian Supreme Head of State Sultan Muhammad V confirmed that Muhammad V had divorced his wife, Voyevokina (formerly Oksana Voevodina) on July 1. There are many reasons for the divorce of the two people. One of the arguments is that the man suspects that his son is not his own.

They got married on November 22, 2018, when they were opposed by the royal family. Muhammad V abdicated in January, and the outside world therefore called him “do not love Jiangshan love beauty.” The lawyer said that the two had filed documents in Singapore on June 22 and completed the divorce procedure on July 1.

The Australian News Network reported that Woyevokina had returned to Russia with her children, but she still claimed that she did not divorce. She said, “This is a provocative act. We have never divorced.” She also confessed to Muhammad V on Instagram, saying “I want to be the last person in his life. I hope to live with him until my life.” End.”

Although Voyevokina stressed that she is more than her husband, the Malaysian New Straits Times reported that the two had been married for less than one year and have been confirmed to have a copy of the divorce certificate already circulating online.

Representative lawyer Mohammed V confirmed to the Sunday Times that the two had divorced and said that “there is no objective evidence to prove the child’s biological father.” These words triggered many speculations about the reasons for divorce. The lawyer also stated that he represented the former king and asked everyone to respect the privacy of His Royal Highness.

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