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Recently, a hot post was posted on the Internet in Japan. Some netizens claimed that their friends were besieged while traveling in South Korea and asked the police for help but were not accepted. The post was flooded and spread, causing the Korean media to trace it, but nothing was found. The incident suspected that Japan and South Korea’s frictions have intensified, and some people deliberately spread false news from them, which has affected passengers’ desire to visit South Korea.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on July 26 that there may be anti-Japanese demonstrations in Seoul and Busan, calling for Japanese attention to travel in Korea. A message appeared on Twitter the following day, referring to friends who were besieged in South Korea.

The article pointed out that a friend was surrounded by six Korean men near Seoul Station, and friends went to the police for help but were ignored. It was said that the original day of travel was only finished. Now I have to fly back to China on the same day and call on the Japanese to be careful.

The article was then forwarded in large numbers, causing concern. Many of the messages all expressed concern about going to South Korea, or saying that the government should ban travel to South Korea to avoid recurrence.

Korean media tracing did not find

The incident quickly caught the attention of South Korea, and many Korean TV stations, including JTBC, KBS and YTN, tracked the report. However, after inquiring about Seoul Station, the police station, and the Japanese Embassy in Korea, no relevant reports were found. Japanese media have specifically inquired about the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that they have not received relevant information, so they believe that they are fabricated.

The relationship between Japan and South Korea has deteriorated and has affected the people of both countries. South Korea launched a trip to buy Japanese goods and went to Japan to travel, which caused the Japanese goods to fall in business in Korea, and many flights were scheduled to fly to Japan. Japanese netizens also ridiculed the behavior of Koreans at the same time. They believed that the “being” was one of the fake news spread by netizens in an attempt to further provoke relations between the two peoples.

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