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Tesla set up a factory in Shanghai, and some of the agreements were exposed! According to the terms of the lease, the company is required to pay a tax of 2.23 billion yuan (RMB ‧ the same) to the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Investing 140.8 billion yuan in 5 years

Tesla submitted its April-June financial statements to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which disclosed the contents of the 50-year lease agreement for the Shanghai plant. Tesla will invest 14.08 billion yuan in five years, starting from the end of 2023, and paying 2.23 billion yuan a year.

The agreement shows that if the amount of investment or tax payment does not meet the requirements, the Shanghai government can ask Tesla to return the land, at which time the plant investment will be calculated and the value difference will be paid to Tesla.

Tesla said that in terms of current production plans, the possibility of meeting investment and tax requirements is high.

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