Huang Mingzhi

Recently, Taiwanese singer Xiao Jingteng (Old Xiao) and Da Ma singer Huang Mingzhi sang a song called “Stray Dog”. This song is a question that everyone wants to care about stray dogs. Huang Mingzhi introduced this song and said: “Dogs are the best friends of mankind, but many selfish humans use it in various ways to breed, make money, wait for them to be old, sick. If the owner moves and breaks up, they will be mercilessly discarded. I hope everyone can donate money to help.”

Fans familiar with Lao Xiao also know how much he loves small animals. There is a layer in the family that allows small animals to live. Therefore, the song “Wandering Dog” is a helpless one to help Huang Mingzhi. Huang Mingzhi is very grateful to Lao Xiao. Said: “I sincerely thank Xiao Jingteng for his unconditional participation in the interpretation of this song. His influence has greatly helped every wave (stray dog) who is on the streets, and let this song spread farther and farther. The place is for more people to hear.”

In addition, this song was released on Youtube the day before yesterday (3rd). It took more than 500,000 hits in one day. Today (5th) has exceeded 700,000 hits. Huang Mingzhi expressed his gratitude statement on his personal social networking site. He also made his first click rate since “Beat Man” so fast. He is very grateful for the support of fans.

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