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Barcelona violent robbery rushed to Spanish merchants: the situation has gone out of control

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The British BBC reported that several popular violent robberies occurred in Barcelona’s popular tourist attraction, Barcelona. In addition to tourists, the victims included the Afghan ambassador to Spain, Humayoon Rasaw. Statistics show that the case of violent crimes in Barcelona has indeed risen sharply, causing residents to be alert. City officials said the situation has deteriorated into a “criminal crisis.”

Afghan ambassador to Spain, Rousseau, was robbed in the center of Barcelona on the evening of the 18th. Several robbers pushed him to the ground and snatched his watch. Rosuo’s leg was injured. On the same night, a 91-year-old French grandmother was robbed a few blocks outside the city centre of Barcelona, robbing her necklace and causing her head injury. Two days ago, a German tourist in the same area was robbed and sent to hospital for medical treatment. Beto, the head of the city’s public security in Barcelona, described the situation as “criminal crisis”. Statistics show that the local law and order has deteriorated and the number of violent crimes has increased.

Crime rate rises officials: it is the disaster of the Olympics

Overall, the number of crimes in Barcelona in the first six months of this year increased by 9% compared with the same period last year, violent crime increased by 31% compared with the same period of last year, and the armed robbery against merchants increased by 66%. In the past three years, the number of violent crimes in the entire city has increased by nearly 60%. Passeig de Gracia is the main street running through the centre of Barcelona, and the president of the Street Business Association, Sans, said: “It should be acknowledged that the situation has gone out of control.”

The Barcelona authorities and the police are trying to solve the crime problem, but they say that there is no significant reason to explain the rising trend of this crime. Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants and attracted 16 million visitors last year. In the densely populated areas such as the Ramblas and the Old Town, there are often pickpockets and small gangsters. An official from the city government of Barcelona said that the rising crime rate in the city is the “collateral effect” that Barcelona has become a popular tourist attraction after the Olympics in 1992.

Stealing things without a lawyer: the law has no effect

However, some people blame the criminal law on the Spanish legal system. In 2015, Spain reformed the criminal law. The first offence of misdemeanor was rarely imprisoned. Even if the crime was arrested, if the value of the stolen property is less than 400 euros, it is usually a fine, not a jail. Marul Elda of Molins Law Firm told the Catalonia Morning News: “Legislative and judicial powers cannot respond to specific problems in our society: theft of recidivists.” He said that the current legal framework allows professional thieves To some extent, there is no penalty. Others accused the young immigrants in the city of Barcelona who were not accompanied by an adult.

Fernandez of the Conservative People’s Party of Spain said earlier this year that 80% of these minor immigrants are from Morocco. They often break into the circle of criminals and affect their coexistence with the neighborhood they live in. However, the city has no statistics to support Fernandez’s claim that the municipal government led by Barcelona’s mayor, Ida Queccolo, said that underage immigrants should not be stigmatized.

A city government source pointed out: “These unaccompanied minors are social problems in Barcelona, but we have never linked their existence to the increase in urban crime rates.” Although the opposition accused Quikoro of his attitude toward crime. Weak, but she has increased the city’s public security budget. According to official data, last year’s crackdown on crime increased by 16%, and this year’s public security budget rose by 11%. In addition, after the city government of Barcelona said that the police force on the street was insufficient, the Catalan government had agreed to deploy an additional 300 police officers in Barcelona this September.

The city is plagued by a crime crisis city: it is exaggerated

In addition to the theft of thieves, the surge in deaths caused by violent crimes in recent months is also worrying. In June of this year, a Korean woman who visited Barcelona with the government delegation fell on the street when she was robbed and robbed, causing head injuries and death. Such events have brought bad publicity to a city that is loved by the sun, beaches, bars and history.

Beto, the person in charge of the city’s public security, insisted that such issues should not be exaggerated. Beto said: “Barcelona is still a safe city compared to other cities such as Paris, London or Rome.” A Catalan police spokesman said: “This is a huge and complex city, and many factors are playing. He pointed out that the police have increased the arrest rate and curbed the crime rate. They also said: “We don’t believe that there is only one reason behind this.”

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