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North Korea launched a flying object on October 2, and South Korea initially believed that North Korea’s launch was most likely a submarine-launched ballistic missile. For this test, some analysts believe that it is related to the Korean public F-35 fighter.

According to the South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters (JCS), North Korea fired flying objects from the northern part of the Yuanshan Mountains in Gangwon-do to the eastern seas in the early morning, with a maximum altitude of 910 kilometers and a flight of about 450 kilometers. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei said that the flying object fell into the exclusive economic zone outside Shimane County.

South Korea’s Qingwatai’s statement stated that the National Security Council (NSC) believed that the great opportunity launched by North Korea was the Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM), which was initially judged by the Joint Staff Headquarters as the “North Star” series of ballistic missiles.

North Korea tested missiles again in the past month. The Yonhap quoted the analysis that South Korean President Wen’s review of the F-35A stealth fighters and other strategic weapons when he attended the National Army Day commemoration ceremony on the 1st, causing North Korean dissatisfaction, so Pyongyang’s test firing Missile protests.

In addition, some observers believe that when North Korea last tested a “large inland” rocket, one of them might fail to test. At that time, the leader Kim Jong-un had said that he would conduct a test firing, so he did not rule out the same weapon.

The test was at the eve of North Korea’s announcement on the eve of negotiations with the United States on the 5th denuclearization level. Some analysts pointed out that Pyongyang may use this to demonstrate the will to continue to develop conventional weapons to eliminate security concerns, and to achieve the integration of security issues into the United States. The purpose of negotiating the issue. On September 10, North Korea also tested the testimony shortly after expressing its willingness to talk to the United States.


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