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Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue announced yesterday (4th) that the “Emergency Law” was adopted to pass the “Forbidden Mask Method”, which immediately triggered large-scale demonstrations in various districts, and individual bank branches and teller machines were damaged. This morning, a number of Chinese banks suspended their operations in all branches. Among them, BOC Hong Kong (2388), which became the target of demonstrators, except for the branch of Bank of China Tower, all branches were suspended, while HSBC only maintained five branches.

HSBC only maintains 5 branches

HSBC announced that in addition to HSBC Headquarters, Mong Kok Branch, Tsim Sha Tsui Branch, Tsuen Wan Branch and Kwun Tong Branch, other branches were suspended due to public activities. Customers are advised to use online banking, mobile banking or telephone banking services. The bank will further announce the arrangements for banking services in response to the situation.

ICBC Asia, CCB Asia, and China Merchants Yonglong closed down

Last night, a number of Chinese banks became the target of demonstrators’ destruction. BOC Hong Kong described the government, the MTR facilities and shops in the districts suffered serious riots, arson and wars last night. Some branches and self-service equipment of the bank. It was also seriously damaged. It was announced that in order to protect the safety of customers and employees, the branches were suspended except for the Bank of China Branch. ICBC Asia, CCB Asia and China Merchants Wing Lung, which have a Chinese background, also announced the suspension of the operation of the entire branch.

Standard Chartered also announced that it will only maintain the normal operation of the Central Des Voeux Road Central Branch today, and all other branches will be closed. East Asia also said that in addition to the traffic situation, other branches, the Xianzhuo Finance Center and the i-Financial Center were suspended from service today.

The HKMA also issued a statement this morning expressing its hope that the public will understand that the bank must have suspended its services. The authorities also said that a series of acts of sabotage and arson have seriously affected the use of banking services by the public. Any form of violent acts should be condemned. It is expected that the society will restore order as soon as possible so that the banking industry can function normally and serve enterprises and the public.

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