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The Korean Central News Agency reported on November 21 that South Korean President Wen Zehan invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to attend the Korea-ASEAN Special Summit held in Busan on the 25th. However, the DPRK considered the relationship with South Korea in trouble, so there was no proper reason to attend the meeting.

The Korean Central News Agency published an article entitled “Time and Occasion in Everything”, saying that thanks to the sincerity of the South Korean side, but since it has not yet found a reason for visiting South Korea, it is hoped that the Korean side will understand. The article pointed out that the DPRK fully understands that Wen Zhe uses every opportunity to alleviate the stalemate between the Korean and Korean impasses, but describes that the current Korean air can no longer be dull, forming an atmosphere of suspicion of South Korea-DPRK relations, and criticizing the ROK for relying on foreign forces.

The article believes that it is a miscalculation that the South Korean side wants to reverse the situation on the basis of a piece of paper, and believes that it is not the right time for the leaders of the two countries to meet. The article also criticized that if the commitments of the leaders of the ROK and the DPRK in the past three meetings were not fulfilled, they thought that if this was the case, it would be better not to meet.

North Korea has suspended all cooperation with South Korea in recent months and has asked South Korea to reject the US-implemented sanctions and restart the Korean-Korean economic project. Yonhap analysis believes that the South Korean government originally intended to break the impasse in the peninsula and restart the peace process, but hopes will eventually fail.

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