north korea

North Korea ’s Central News Agency quoted a spokesman for the Korean Academy of National Defense Sciences on December 14 as saying that at 10.41 to 48 pm local time on the 13th, local time, another major test was conducted at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site.

It is reported that North Korean defense scientists are honoured to be warmly congratulated by the Party Central Committee, and mentioned that North Korea’s recent achievements in national defense scientific research will be applicable to further consolidate Pyongyang’s reliable strategic nuclear war deterrent.

North Korea also conducted extremely significant tests on the West Sea satellite launch site on the 7th. A spokesman for the Korean Academy of National Defense Sciences pointed out that the significant test results will soon play a significant role in changing the strategic position of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea again. However, he did not disclose the details and nature of the relevant tests.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK criticized on the 12th that the United States continued to increase its provocation against North Korea as the deadline for US-DPRK negotiations neared by the end of the year. The spokesman said that North Korea has nothing to lose, and is ready to accompany any choice of the United States to the end.


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