The Singapore government announced on January 31 that it will ban Chinese passport holders and all visitors who have been to the Chinese mainland within the past 14 days from entering Singapore. The new rules will take effect from 11:59 pm on Saturday (February 1).

The government will ban Chinese passport holders and all visitors who have been to the Mainland within the past 14 days from entering Singapore. The restrictions include transit passengers.

Some people can get exemptions, including Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term license holders who enter the Mainland of China. They can still return to Singapore, but the Singapore government requires them to isolate themselves and apply for 14 days of “absence leave.”

Immediate suspension of Chinese visitor visas

The Singzhou government will also suspend the issuance of various visas to Chinese visitors from now on. Short-term visas and multiple-entry visas previously issued will also be revoked.

In a statement, the ministry of health said that given the growing possibility of new travelers (new viruses) from the mainland of China, the department evaluated it and considered it prudent to take additional measures at this stage.

There are currently 13 confirmed cases of Wuhan’s new coronavirus infection in Singapore, all of which are Chinese citizens from Wuhan.


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