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The pneumonia outbreak caused by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a mirror that reflects the shortcomings of all aspects of China’s domestic governance, and is also a yardstick for measuring the relationship between countries and China.

Some people have adopted excessive prevention and control measures to evacuate Chinese from China and close all flight routes. They have resolutely stated that they do not evacuate from China. They have actively channeled their sentiments in China and provided material relief. They are strictly prohibited from using materials such as masks and disinfection water There are also large-scale outflows to China.

The different attitudes of different countries towards China indicate that the international community does not have uniform standards for treating the epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) does not support or even oppose the proposal to adopt a travel ban. Some countries listen and some countries ignore it. Of course, this also confirms that the United States is not an absolute authoritative opinion leader in the field of international public health. After the United States raised its warning to travel to China to the fourth highest level of “red,” “Do not travel,” most countries were not completely affected by the United States.

The attitudes of various sectors of the United States in the face of the Chinese epidemic are diverse. Some U.S. experts and scholars affirmed the professional prevention and control measures taken by China; U.S. companies in China actively participated in donations to provide support to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control; U.S. government officials praised China for its professional transparency, and said, ” The epidemic has helped some jobs return to the United States “and” China does not cooperate with the United States in responding to the epidemic. “

What’s more, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on other occasions that “No country poses a greater threat to the United States than communist China, and the entire American society needs to respond as a whole.” “China has become the number one in the United States.” Geopolitical opponents. “

Life is off? Overcoming difficulties? Sorry, in the face of the epidemic, Pompeo and other politicians are thinking about how to use the epidemic to suppress China’s development. US interests are the core demands of American politicians, and for Pompeo and others, suppressing China is in the interest of the United States. As for the big country’s mindset and international morality, in general, it is better to use whatever means to maintain hegemonic status.

From the Huawei Meng Wanzhou incident to the China-U.S. Trade war to the outbreak, the hostility of the US government to China has reached the point where there is no need to hide it. The Chinese should understand that China and the United States are polite, but they are struggling to the end. What the U.S. government has promoted is not to hope that China will accept “universal values” and embark on American-style democracy and freedom, but that it will put China’s current development model to death. It is naive to underestimate the cruelty of the great power struggle.

In China, many people praise American democracy and freedom and admire its international status. The reality is that the United States firmly believes in the United States system, which is no different from other countries who want to develop themselves. It’s just that the United States does not hesitate to suppress other countries in order to maintain its competitive advantage.

It is not easy to expect the United States to step out of its stubbornness against China and suppress it. This requires continuous efforts from all walks of life in the United States. At the same time, China also needs to actively control the general direction of the relationship between the two countries in cooperation and struggle, so that more people can realize the “symbiotic” rather than “sexual” aspect of China-US relations. This is by no means a day’s work.

Some people may say that China’s own problems were fully exposed during the epidemic, and the Chinese government has simply burned people’s grievances and controlled the epidemic, and now criticizes the United States to divert public attention. From a communication perspective, diverting people ’s attention and channeling anger is naturally one of them. But the Chinese should be clear that China-US competition is the main tone of relations between the two countries in the future, and the US government is trying to curb China’s many actions also exist objectively.

International struggles will not stagnate or disappear due to a severe domestic epidemic in China. China is already a global power, and it is already the world ’s second largest economy. When China is facing an epidemic, one front lies in the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, and the other front lies in the open arrows on the international field.

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