Phoenix Satellite TV

Senior Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas announced on April 25 that he would propose a new bill to amend the Communications Act to prevent China from using broadcast towers in Canada and Mexico to pass media such as Phoenix TV Broadcast Chinese political propaganda content to the United States.

The Washington Freedom Lighthouse website published an article on the 24th citing sources to report that Phoenix Satellite TV was accused of using Mexico’s radio tower to send Chinese political propaganda to the United States.

The Washington Freedom Lighthouse website pointed out in a report that in the case of Phoenix Satellite TV, it used the XEWW AM 690 radio station purchased by Honghui Capital and applied for a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). After the company acquired the radio tower near Tijuana, Mexico, the radio station was originally broadcast in Spanish and became broadcast in Chinese. All listeners in Southern California can receive it.

The license issued by the FCC to the radio station is not official, but it can still broadcast under a temporary license.

Cruz ’s proposal will prevent the FCC from issuing licenses to applicants who “will intentionally change the language used by the media they acquired.” “Unless the FCC can prove that the media programming is never affected by foreign governments or ruling parties.” , Will actually cause Phoenix TV to not broadcast in the United States.

The Fox News Network reported on the 26th that Phoenix Satellite TV is owned by a company supported by the Chinese government, and the US intelligence community has reportedly defined the media as an export of political propaganda.

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