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World Leadership Conference – Women Leading Change (WWLC): Batch 3

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World Leadership Conference

Hosted by Malaysia

13th April 2020

WLC (Women Leading Change) was founded by Dr Ayla Aldjufrie in 2018 as part of social responsibility initiative. WLC focuses on social impact to humanity by empowering women to empower communities and nation. Capitalising on the latest satellite technology WLC Malaysia chapter hosted 3rd instalment of the World Leadership Conference on 13th April 2020 at GMT1PM.

Every year in the month of April,  Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN GLOBAL Forum, however, in amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we are burning the TORCH of women congregation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you and broadcasted World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers and panels who shared their expertise and experience.  Some of the participating leaders and speakers are founders of below organisations;

World Women Leading Change, (Women Leader Indonesia Network)

Women Leader International Network,

Business Style International Network,

Global Property Bank and Technology Centre

Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC)

World Women Forum (WWTIF)

Yayasan Ainun Habibie

Tanri Abeng University

Indonesian Gastronomic Association

India Economic Trade Association

Asia Arab Chambers of Commerse

Internationals Dipkomatic Organization

BRICS International Forum.

American Reporter,

World Forum for Education

Yayasan Pancamaha

Bubu Supertext, Stankevicius, Women on Top Inclusiveness, Limaran Batik

WORLD LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Change, empower Social Impact,  Share Wisdom and positivity in times of Corona Pandemic.  The Intention is to create impact in Everyone’s lives. The value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and children you raise.

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others!  In this installation the theme was:

” How to Survive and Prevent Covid-19 from entering your Home Physically and Emotionally”

Monday 13th April 2020 – 1PM GMT

Hosted by Datin Malliga Subramaniam

Chaired by DR.  Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA – Founder of Ayla Associate, Global Property Bank and Technology Centre, Founder President Women Leading Change (Women Leader Indonesia Network)

Co-hosted by Datin Jalina – Co-Founder of WLC Malaysia

Co-hosted by Ms Stella Lim – Co-Founder of WLC Malaysia

Moderated by Ms. Vica Valentina Tjen- Moderator

Panel of Speakers

1. Datin Malliga Subramanian (Malaysia)

Serial Technopreneur and Socialpreneur Championing Women Empowerment, Co-Founder of MWCC and Founder World Women Forum, www.worldwomenforum.com

Topic: “Embracing Technology during Covid-19”

Corona pandemic has changed how businesses are engaging with customers and using technology as a tool to conduct and sell their product or services.  Positively technology is connecting people from different parts of the world and different time zones via technology.

2. Prof Dr Danang Parikesit, MBA (Indonesia)

Leading Asia’s Mobility Expert, Chair / Head, The Indonesia Toll Road Authority, Professor of Transportation, Gadjah Mada University

Topic: “Physical vs virtual mobility: How does Covid-19 bring goods and services closer to homes”

International and domestic travel mobility is low and health requirement has changed.  We are seeing the supply chain transformation and the economic landscape of countries are changing with the way we are doing our business. Certain industries are thriving and others are declining depending on the social dynamics of the industry.   Moving forward, disruptions is creating new equilibrium which is reliant more on digital mobility rather than physical mobility.  People will need to be more aware of the environment and green technology will be the future.

3. Jenny Nguyen (Vietnam)

Regional Manager of American Lending Center, An American Investment Immigration Company

Topic: Why it’s important to stay home and observe social distancing and practice hygiene during Covid-19

Creative way of Vietnamese Government sharing information and influencing people, creating songs and getting the message across to the public on the importance of hygiene and social distancing.  Vietnamese Government was able to control the Pandemic successfully by taking early action.

4. Stella Lim (Malaysia)

Beauty Socialpreneur, Co Founder President WWLC malaysia, Founder of Kindness Leading Change and Menthorship Leading Change

Topic: Kindness again Virus

Educating people on social distancing and why its important to fight Corona Pandemic. Kindness doesn’t need to start from other but ourselves.  We can be kind by keeping ourselves healthy and social distancing will keep everyone healthy.  Charity helps poorer family especially those dependant on daily wage, keeping them safe and home if they have enough food for themselves and their family.

5. Datin Jeanette Tambakau (Malaysia)

Former President of Sabah Women Entrepreneurs, President of AmSPA

Topic: SPA industry and Covid-19

Find the time to appreciate and be grateful for our life, we are not alone, we are in this together.  Keep positive mindset.  The SPA industry has to embrace the change and dealing with customers in future also need to change.  Social distancing plays a bigger impact in SPA industry and may need to look towards technology to move forward.

6. Caroline Cares Fernandes (India)

LinkedIn Person of the Year India 2019, Leadership Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, International Speaker and Book Author, CEO of TIR Global

Topic: The benefits of holistic well-being for human

Focus, meditation and Reframing.  Multitasking can be damaging to the brain,  Its important to focus on the tasks, keep the place clean and free.  Meditation builds strength, focus and healthy lifestyle.   Reframing, use awe and wonder and be thankful to change our state of being.   Find something positive that you are thankful and to focus on positive energy.

7. Sensei Raj (United States)

Thought leader & visionary: Founder & CEO of World Economic Summit

www.WorldEconomicSymposium.com, Social Changemaker and Serial Entrepreneur:  Founder & CEO of Global Changemakers Network, Systems thinker & Deep change Catalyst, Founder & CEO: Operations RESTORE Transformation & Human Potential Activator: Founder & President www.WinnerWithinYou.com  Positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives directly, Conscious Leadership & Human Dignity activist: Organizational Strategist & C-level Coach, Integrated economy & Eco campaigner: Current focus on Operation Restore to reengineer existing archaic systems for meaningful re-integration equitably and responsibly in the fast evolving future. World Peace Activist: a former soccer & unarmed combat pro – Founder of Athletes 4 Peace US

Topic: Operation Restore

Can we press the pause button?  Where is the current situation taking us? Where do we want to go when the situation ends? How do we come out of this situation? These are some of the thought provoking questions we need to ask ourselves.  We need to work together, through collective consciousness.  How the supply chains, distribution channels are very monopolised by some individuals or organisations.  A group of individuals came together to form Operation Restore and create a system to address some of these challenges

8 Giacomo Gaiotti (Italy)

Mayor of Valdieri Municipality (City below Italian Alpen Mountain) Italian youngest mayor in history and founder of Vertuno

Topic: Digital Divide between small town and big city

Sharing information and knowledge using technology is important.  Its important to make bridges people between rural and big city people.   We have the time and possibility to change how living in big city and small city has the same possibility of making money.

9. Ms Julastina M (Indonesia)

Group CEO of Ayla Associates and Managing Director Hujan Fund & Asset Management

Topic: Social Value of Company

The satellite video conference is being piloted through this World Leadership Conference. Hujan Fund 100million fund investment group, focusing on infrastructure and other social impact projects.  No matter how small the initiative it brings impact it makes a difference.

10. Caroline Verkaik (United States, Kenya)

CEO – Water gap Africa Safaris. Mrs World and Ms Pennsylvania, Youth inclusiveness Voice to prevent suicidal for youth President of WLIN Kenya, USA

Topic: my safari trips to Kenya and why we do it. Why people should travel more especially after the Covid 19 lockdown

Travel safari that will create memories even after we put down the camera, legacy, experience and create change in the country. Mental health for kids, educating and equipping kids with knowledge on bullying, boys, sex education without going through the stigma that exist in the society.

11. Ong Hock Siew (Malaysia)

Hong Bank RO, Sabah Dev Bank CEO, City Finance CEO & Outstanding Sportsman, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Author


Relating Mountain climbing to overcoming Corona Pandemic. 5 similar principles that can followed in times of corona pandemic Sight, Safety, Support, Strength and Spirit.

12. Evie Casino (Indonesia)

Secretary Board Of Trustees Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA), Corporate Affairs Director Pura Group Kudus, https://www.puragroup.com/en

Topic: A Micro Urban Farming at Home during Covid19

Urban micro farming in our home connects us to nature.  During corona pandemic, we can be with our family and grow vegetables at home.   Removes us from the usual routine and connects us to nature.   Be part of nature, because we are nature and of nature.

13. Nanan Wiryono (Indonesia)

Member Of Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA), Consultants engaged in food & beverage. Her clients are restaurants in dire need of restoration and also the newbie restaurants that benefit from her F&B knowledge and skills. Her clients are her patients and she is the RESTAURANT DOCTOR. Her culinary experiences come from all over the world. Her love for delicious and healthy meals is the base for all her work.


During corona pandemic, how would your restaurant do things differently to attract and engage with customer!  Preserving your restaurant business by being creative and set you apart from others, you can share your safety measures, cook for charity, these are some examples of tips and creative ways of staying in business.

14. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia)

Trustee of WWLC, Finance Leading Change Inclusiveness, Indonesian Top Bankers

Topic: Role of women to support family (economically, physically and emotionally) during corona time

During corona pandemic, women are working from home with all the house chores.  Domestic work is burdening and with kids staying home has added to their stress.  Due to the restricted movement and some losing jobs contributes to domestic violence. How women are dealing with these impacts? Women play an important role in the household.  They can find new ways to contribute towards the household financial savings, keep healthy, manage stress, and take lead in keeping the family unit stronger.

The above were the amazing line up of speakers who shared their hearts and soul with the world in the hopes of spreading positivity and love during corona pandemic.    

“When there is love, there is change and when there is change there is light”

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