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Dr. Rupa Vasudevan 

Global Co Chair World Forum for Education 

Founder and Chancellor, BEST Innovation University 

The Moderator made a brief introduction of the theme and format of the conference to the speakers. Dr Rupa Vasudevan, as a host for this conference introduced the topic of discussion and explained the Objective of the conference which is to integrate thoughts , make connects , learn from global initiatives , help one another , stand strong and share , above all keep faith that everything is going to be fine . While there is uncertainity looming after the lockdown situation , whether to save sinking economies or lives is the big question world is facing . India’s coping mechanisms to the pandemic situation under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a holistic and integrated approach. There are several stories of solidarity shown by ordinary citizens and NGOs coming to help each other by providing for the poor , tending to animals , taking care of elderly and distribution of masks.


Speaker Excerpts – 

1. Helmy YahyaEx. CEO TVRI, Member IGA, Public Speaker and Business Coach, Indonesia 


Encourage people for family entrepreneurship,’ Little acts of kindness ‘from any quarter can take all of us a long way and this learning starts from home . He urged everyone to fight, not to give up, not to complain for any happenings. Since whole world is working from home, it is the time to look around, help the needy in these difficult times. A little act of kindness can be of squirrel help to fight against this crisis. 

2. Mrs. Alice Kamunge, MD Vera Beauty and Fashion College, Director, Elmolo Safaries Kenya 


We must encourage everyone to look at the beautiful Silver Lining in this time of corona crisis. This period of lockdown is the family Bonding time .We need to look at Every problem and challenge as an opportunity. In this modern and busy world, youth have access to all the gadgets but it’s a great challenge to reach out their parents. Since all of us are busy with work, we have lost the connection of family. So, in this corona virus lockdown, everyone is having enough time to interact with family members and understand them, families are together ,it’s the opportune time to teach values and mend the strain in relationships. Use this lockdown time as an opportunity to add up broken pieces , breakdown indifferences , build capability. Family plays its own role in healing and helping ourselves. 

3. Isabelle Liow, Beauty Queen, Founder Mrs Fashion World, Malaysia 


“In great crisis , lies great opportunity” ,we need to look beyond , look for brighter side of the life even in this corona havoc. There is biodiversity loss, economic loss and difficulties everywhere, yet there are opportunities and chance for advancements. World has seen transformational changes overnight markets has changed as demand is falling for some products and for some, it is increasing. Demand for online tools like Zoom has increased, these changes call for innovative ideas. We should embrace this opportunity. Most of the entrepreneurs have the chance to start afresh which can widen up their service area. It is the time to share prosperity, well-being ,attempt to make systematic changes in existing systems and policies . She ended her talk with an inspirational quote, ‘stay tough, tough can never last, tough people last’. 

4. Amita Prasad, Chairperson, Inland Waterways Authority of India 


We have hope, disruption and action. So the actions are too many for all of us. There are hundreds of challenges to work on for people from all sectors. Online classes for students keep them occupied, house wives are cooking new dishes as their fun time, many are learning cooking as it is the basic skill required for life. It is the time to learn best practices from each other from different countries. She gave an exemplary remark about Self Help groups (SHG’s) in India, they are helping people by giving rations, making masks and supplying other necessary goods. India is standing strong ,its time to share and keep faith that its going to be fine .For Covid Crisis the bureaucracy in India has a three step mechanism – Testing , tracking and treating but Challenge lies in its scale , in keeping people motivated and informed.

5. Hamsa Devineni, Lawyer, politician, social activist, India 

India is the country having maximum population of youth, it is also called the youngest country of the world with maximum population between ages 15-30. She explained that engagement and motivation are the only ways to keep the youth positive during this crisis. She represents the Youth Alliance against Corona (YAAC) that has support from 60 organizations, NGO’s, individual doctors, ayurveda and yoga practitioners, psychologists who have volunteered to help reduce emotional stress in the COVID times. They encourage youth to take up activities like training to make homemade masks, feeding stray animals, taking care of senior citizens who live alone, they are encouraging youngsters to come up with innovative ideas that can help combat this pandemic in the most holistic way possible . She mentioned that under Leadership of Prime Minister Modi in India, the Govt is encouraging people to be together in complete solidarity and act together to fight this pandemic. 

6. Joy Wanjiru, MD, Women startup Network, kenya, Ambassador- Youth in Africa 


How is it that we can embrace change. There are 6 ways to combat the ongoing crisis. 

1. every change comes with a loss or grief ,we need to be aware of this .Awareness helps accepting the change . 

2. Initiate change starting from one self to the community. 

3. Adjust with the change . 

4. Fix loose ends , the corona virus has exposed our health sector practitioners and we have to look at how it can be fixed . 

5. Look at opportunities ,build capabilities to progress . 

6. Develop new skills- such as life skills, business skills or any related skills with which we can combat the current crisis. Farmers are learning new techniques to sell their produce online , students are learning in online classes , most purchases are being made with ecommerce . Every crisis is a teacher and we have a learning in every curve . 

There’s a motivational quote, ‘Secret of change is to focus on all of our energy to build new’. 

7. E Vasudevan, Leadership Coach, India 


The talk revolved around an important aspect – resilience. It is the ability to bounce back which calls for empathy and action . It does not end with recovery from crisis , but also thrive after the crisis . Desire needs to be stronger than your disappointments He gave an acronym for the word BOUNCE. 


B– Being mindful, endure uncertainty, more courageous 

O– Optimism, how keen about our desire than disappointments 

U- Unite for the same cause 

N- New narrative 

C- Compassion, empathy 

E- Energy to execute 

8. Vijaylakshmi V K, Sociopreneur Heritage, Director of Center for Soft Power, India 


There are two important aspects one needs to follow during this crisis – inspiration and motivation. Though it is a difficult time for all of us, we must look at it as an opportunity. If we look around us , the silver lining in the midst of Corona crisis is happy birds ,fresh air,no pollution, animals are not threatened and are back to where they belong. We are seeing that mother nature has bounced back . All of us survive, thrive because of mother nature, mother earth has been giving but we have been exploiting . We need to change the situation and place constant effort in maintaining the balance of Nature. Our Scriptures speak about ‘Vasudaiva kutumbakam’ –that the whole earth is one family, this has to be practiced too. The lockdown has given an immense time for all, to understand our traditions , our culture, and the rich heritage . Our ancestors worshipped and preserved nature , they followed th ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam in complete essence and spirit . Its time for us now , conserve and save the mother nature.

9. Dr. Regaig Boutheina, Dean Univ Jendouba, Tunisia 


The Covid 19 Disruption has caused education sector across the globe to innovate and master the ICT tools. Online sales, home deliveries are processed via digital platforms.Digitalization has encouraged distance learning programs and created opportunities for educators and students to upgrade their knowledge. These online education tools have resulted in increased number of learners. Crisis is like a new birth but not a disease, if we come together , we can fight it and also have several opportunities to learn new things. 

10. Mrs. Ratih Ibrahim, Psychologist, Member IGA, founder, personal Growth Couselling and Dev Center, Indonesia 


As of April 16th 2020, confirmed cases in Indonesia have risen to 5136 cases. At this time, we are together to fight back. Preventive measures to emphasize this pandemic are being implemented. Amidst this, some people take advantage of this situation by selling the produce at higher rates which impacts poor people. On the other side, many people have lost their jobs and struggling to make a living. This situation of uncertainty creates anxiety in people. It is very important to manage this anxiety as we cannot run way from this, it is intangible. Therefore its essential to reflect as we have circle of concern to change our behavior. This is a rare opportunity to reflect , have quality time for oneself. It is the time to celebrate this opportunity and focus on the right , appreciate the right.


11. Rajesh Padmar, Lecturer, Social activist, India 


Motivation is a subjective and relative term which changes for each individual , situation, personality and country. There are several individualistic views on motivating oneself or others . We could follow a simple 4C Acronym which can help us sustain motivation. 

1. C- Confidence– it is all about self-confidence, deeds and actions that matter a lot during crisis situations. Need to find the confidence from within that will integrate into positive thoughts and actions. 

2. C- Competence– it is the ability to achieve something essential to cope up or monitor this pandemic 

3. C- Commitment– how committed are we towards our goals, activities? We have enough time to work on ourselves taking this as an opportunity. 

4. C-Culture– our lifestyle, diversity, culture mindset can reenergize and refresh our ideas. 

12. Sergey Dvorianov, Russia 


In a spiritual view, we can believe that this pandemic is a wrath of Universe, anger of god to let us know that its time to change. This virus is dangerous but we are responsible, it is the result of our activities and greed. Our dangerous karma will destroy us completely. Hence, for the future we need to stand united and have to make some important choices, strategies which not only help to treat, find solution for the pandemic but also to our greed. Modern economy should be changed into new style to support the poor and underprivileged . It is the time to have new version of politicians who will care for the future of the planet. 

13. Seshadri Ramaswami, Vedic Academician, Leadership Coach, India 


Its important that clarity in mind, sincerity in action and purity in heart is the mantra to be followed in present crisis. He is reaching out people, organizing webinar where in about 100 people are participating. He runs that program with the name ‘find your focus’. He guides people on how to sustain motivation and also organizing music sessions for them. His wife also joined her hands to educate people about do’s and don’ts regarding Covid-19 outbreak. 

14. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rtd Special Chief Secretary, Chief Advisor BEST Innovation University, India 


Its important to know about civilization and viruses other than Covid-19. He said that greed, aggression, intolerance, exploitation of nature and also fellow human beings and their life style which is self-destructive are the very dangerous viruses than the Covid-19. These have killed more people than all pandemic put together. The present Covid-19 has brought an opportunity for all of us to think about these viruses installed in our mind and sooner we delete them better for the mankind. Divine nature in us is introspecting oneself to reinstall the wisdom which is necessary at this situation. 


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