WWLC (World Women Leading Change) was founded in 2018 by Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia). Co-founded by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Women Leaders International Network, Vietnam, Co-founded and preceded Mrs. Maris Stella (Indonesia), Mrs. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia) Mrs. Gadis Saras Amanda (Indonesia), Ms. Kyla Christie (Indonesia), Mrs. Rhesma Bhojwani (Indonesia), Mrs. Shilpa Spoorthy (India), Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia), Datin Jalina (Malaysia), DR. Rupa Vasudevan (India), Mrs. Megan Jing Li (China), Mrs. Carla Barbela (Philippine), Datin Malliga Subramanian (Bangladesh), Mrs. Ingrida Kim (Russia), Mrs. Alice Kamunge (Africa), Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya), DR. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia), Mrs. Julastina (Indonesia), Mrs. Lorena Muro (Peru), Mrs. Maya Miranda (Indonesia) Mrs. Anna Stukkert (Germany), Mrs. Caroline Verkaik (USA), Mrs. Asty Ananta (Indonesia), Mrs. Insana Habibie (Indonesia), Datin Sri Paduka Abby Lau (Singapore), Mrs. Maya Hasan (Indonesia), Mrs. Lingga (Indonesia), Mrs. Saba Fatima (India), Mrs. Velisia Sitaggang (USA). It focuses on social impact on humanity by empowering women as educators of future and nation. Using the latest technology as satellite we are proudly bringing to you our new innovation WLC (World Leadership Video Conference).

World Leadership Conference was initiated by World Woman Leading Change Technology Program by Advance Technology scheduled every April, Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN GLOBAL Forum, in Amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we will burn the TORCH of women deliberation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you are all are and broadcast World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers who will share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by Ayla Associate, HUJAN Holding & Asset Management, Global Property Bank & Technology Centre.

WLC was initiated in collaboration with:

1. World Women Leading Change, (Women Leader Indonesia Network)

2. Women Leader International Network,

3. Business Style International Network,

4. Global Property Bank and Technology Centre

5. Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC)

6. World Women Forum (WWTIF)

7. BESTIU University India

8. Tanri Abeng University

9. Indonesian Gastronomy Association

10. India Economic Trade Association

11. Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce

12. International Diplomatic Organization

13. BRICS International Forum.

14. American Reporter,

15. World Forum for Education


1. Yayasan Pancamaha

2. Bubu

3. Supertext

4. Women on Top Inclusiveness

5. iMega industry Co.Ltd

6. Vera Beauty & Fashion College

7. Woman Startup Network

8. Baladhika Karya

9. Rempah by Multiflora

10. Qarya by Datin Jalina

11. Voice Of Our Child

12. S2 Signature Beauty and Wellness Hub

WORLD LEADERSHIP Video CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Changes in times of Corona Pandemic, Social Impact and Share Knowledge Of Wisdom.


We would like to create Regular Cycle of Conference hosted in different countries every Monday & Thursday starting 8th of April 2020.

The Intention is to create an impact on Everyone’s lives. The Value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and the children you raise.

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others!

Positive Messages is to be pass to people and give courage to them facing the world most turbulence time after the 2nd World War. We must be FASTER Than CORONA.

Please pass this message by making them attend or speaking let them be the agent of CHANGE.

The main objective is to spread positivity in the Global scale and together finding solutions.

WLC consists of entrepreneurs and top leaders in their fields from all over the world both from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) as well as from Russia and European countries (Ukraine, UK, Italy, France, Monaco and others), Africa (Kenya), the Middle East (Qatar), Australia and the United States.

WLC conducts 6 centre of new world management throughout the world, which are; Health Center which will be led by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Vietnam), Wellness Center which will be led by Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Africa), Singing for kindness Center which will be led by Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia) , Culinary Center which will be led by Mr. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia), Technology Center which will be led by Datin Malin Subramanian (Bangladesh), and Education Center which will be led by Dr. Rupa Vasudevan (India).

Just choose the topic that will be associated with the theme … So it is not Covid-19 that is the main issue, but the impact on people’s lives and businesses that occur (tourism, business, culture, food & beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, community life etc.) while encouraging the world.



Hendryk Karosekali (Indonesia)

President of Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA)

Chairman of Baladhika Karya

Chief Mentor lead Indonesia Bakrie Centre Foundation

Founder compatriots for the spirit of education in building the nation

CEO of Tridharma Kencana, an electrical & electronic manufacturing company,


Vica Valentina Tjen

Founder of Yayasan Pancamaha

Introduction to Conference

COVID-19 had a sudden and substantial impact on many sectors. We are not alone and everyone is facing the same problem trying to survive. Isolation can last 2 or 3 months, nobody really knows. Huge changes of lifestyle and food activity is quite disruptive. Thus, the network food stalls, street vendors, street food and so on, which during the disaster occurs is empty of visitors, can order repurchase. This means that their businesses’ machines are running again. Thus, this movement is massive with a large-scale distribution of food quantities aimed at reviving the economic engine of the lower classes of society. And certainly, this movement can be done through Work from Home (WFH) by using the internet. Therefore, it is time for the global community to conduct a Joint Culinary Movement in the fight against the corona virus to take part in stabilizing the economy of their respective cities through fundraising. With this joint movement, it is predicted it will be able to re-stimulate the State’s economic engine and ease the workload of the Government.


1. Ms. Sakiko Yamada (Japan) with her topic “What We Can Do During Covid 19 Time to Support Each Other”, she believes in supporting the community through helping each other by contributing from what we can do or give.

This situation is very similar to climate change where we have to adapt in many things. The main things that we need to avoid are close distance with people, physical contact, and spaces. Some of the things that we might be able to contribute are:

– Discount on rent (exemption and not extension of rent)

– Encouraging people to use the delivery services for many businesses

– Giving free design for brochures

– Free hand sanitiser from chemists and other businesses

– Updating services on Google Maps for many businesses around the area

– Pay first/upfront for future services

– Crowd funding services to offer 0 fee during this pandemic time

– Always open to discussion for finding solutions

She is open for any collaboration to help the situation and can be contacted through her Twitter @sakiko2018Y and @AGJ_official and her Instagram @1sakiko1 and @agj_official

2. Chef Petty Elliott (Indonesia and UK) with her topic “A Call of Action for a Joint Culinary Movement to Assist F&B Operators, especially for Lower Class Operators” pointed out collaboration to help can be started from the small scale.

Collaboration can be started as simple as something that is small scale from this group/conference, by getting together first to brainstorm ideas. Celebrity chefs can also collaborate to help the street hawkers in voluntary and transparent way. The challenge is, who will lead this movement?

3. Ms. Diane Dodd, Ph. D. (Spain) as the President of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism), bringing an interesting topic of “Covid-19 and Tourism” which provided us with a great vision of Cross Sector Solution which collaborate Education, Health, and Culture to enable better promotion for each country’s tourism and gastronomy industries.

We all know that this situation will not last forever, which means we will always have hope. Tourism shall focus on domestic places, with perfect timing like this we can give special offers and emphasize on “sharing memories” not just merely the tour. Luckily, human beings have the tendency of having short term memory which means the habit and the economy will go back to its glory like it was. And of course, the question that we always ask, what can we do now? This is the perfect time for us to build the pride in local citizens, build and educate people’s knowledge, focus and increase in credibility in many things, then it will automatically bring up the quality levels where leading us to international recognition. We can even promote for exclusiveness in tourism, where people will feel more special by having less tourists and eventually consumers are willing to pay more.

When we talk about being resilient, we have to focus on our uniqueness, thus go for local plants and animals. Remember to support all businesses that are supporting environment sustainability.

4. Chef Juna Rorimpandey (Indonesia) presented a very unique topic of “How to Combine Cross Sectors That Can Benefit the Community and The Government by Sharing”.

We are all in this together and often we all do not really have the budget to do much. Although we have no budget, but we have human resources, which is ourselves, our time, our energy. How can we help and share? As simple as creating “No Hassle Package” or “Sell to Donate” for our food packages that we sell. Not much about taking

profit, but we are utilizing the people that we have to ensure they’re being employed and to support their own micro economy. After all, remember to be grateful, we are the blessed ones and we are lucky.

5. Ms Stefanie Kurniadi (Indonesia) as the founder of, the first integrated F&B education platform in Indonesia, talked about “Brand Building in Covid-19 Crisis” where she shared her vision in providing equality in F&B education in Indonesia. provides customised curriculum for any F&B business owners from all levels in order to adapt with the changes in the demand where everything has become customised habits and service. Brand building in F&B industry is emphasized on two main areas, Empathy and Honesty/Integrity. Then we can combine them and put it into real action where it will attract customers and their loyalty to us.

6. Chef Stefu Santoso (Indonesia) brought an inspiring topic of “Choosing the Right products to be Sold During This Situation” which reminds us of one main thing, simplification.

Mainly the market of our consumers whom are staying at home pushing us to provide DIY Food packages, where they can be half ready, ready to eat, or frozen.

7. Mr Alfan Hendro (Indonesia) with his topic about “F&B Operators: How to Look at The Current Crisis” presented the benefits of analyzing data to plan for the future.;

Currently, we are only focusing to survive or protecting our businesses or jobs. Traveloka as a digital platform for travel and culinary experience is collaborating with the government to provide data and services that required. People can also donate through Traveloka where the donation will be distributed with transparency.

Based on the views of the traffic on Traveloka, millions of visits and views on tourism destinations and restaurants through this platform. This is HOPE. Yes, it might never be the same again like pre covid 19, but will people go eating out? Yes, absolutely. Traveloka users long to eat out again based on their comments on this digital platform.

By the end of the day, food warms our hearts through the smell, the ambience. Food connects us all. If there is life, there is eating out.

He is open for any future collaborations and for any ideas to support the global community recover from this situation. He is available to be contacted through

8. Mr Leonid V. Gelibterman (Russia) with his topic of “New Reality – The Doors Are Open” inspired us of through provoking question, Will this exactly ever be the same again just like pre Covid 19?

Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, change does happen on many different scales. No matter what, when this situation is finally over and things are working as normal as everything can be, nothing exactly the same again.

Therefore, we have to keep in mind and practice these 4 main points in any area of business and jobs:

– Revise (all of our technics)

– Practice (the new method/technic)

– Inexpensive (make sure things are always affordable)

– Online Experience (always have the online option to any business)

9. Mr. Ron Mullers (Indonesia) as the founder of 26 outlets of Papa Ron’s Pizza and owner of Amigos restaurant brought a topic of “SOS Restaurant: Hotel and Restaurants Overcoming Difficult Times During Covid-19”.

Change is inevitable, and we must adapt. Sanitation and hygiene standard are probably going to be the most important factor that consumers will look at comparably to price and taste. This is starting from now and is projecting to the future. While middle and upper class families will be more than likely to have maid and cook at home, most people will think twice before they eat at the food hawkers/street vendors. As most consumers will have the question about the hygiene standard of the food hawkers, we have to ask our community, do they have all the equipment needed for hygiene and sanitation? And do they know how to do it properly? With these questions in mind, we can help the community by educating them from now to prepare them for the future.

10. Mr Ravi Singh (Indonesia) as the country manager of Zomato Indonesia brought a very interesting topic and presentation: “Current and Short-Term Future Adaptations that F&B Industry Needs to Resort to, in Order to Overcome Covid-19 Disruptions”.

Consumers in this digital 4.0 era are trusting businesses that have information and reviews. As a digital platform in F&B industry, Zomato is providing a solution of contactless dining out where consumers are able to order food digitally or dine in with less contact when ordering. To manage businesses, we have the option to act passively (wait and see) or proactively (creative and taking initiative). As there are plenty resources that are predicting the consumers behaviour in F&B industry will be putting more importance om hygiene and sanitation of food, and no longer all about taste.

Mr Ravi Singh is open for future collaborations and can be contacted through

World Leadership Conference

18 International Organization where she calls up all world leaders to spread Positivity already on batch No 10 and will turn to 6 Crisis Management Centre focus in 24 Countries which is Born from World Leadership Conference.


World Leadership Centre, born leadership in focus in Industry to be aware and rise.

World Alliance Centre For Education

World Forum for Education

1. DR Rupa Vasudevan (India)

2. Bradley Emerson (Bangladesh)

3.John Wei Muljono (Indonesia)

4. Brad Shaw (United Kingdom)

World Alliance Food and Lifestyle Centre

1. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia)

2. Mario Gallo (Italia)

3 Alice Kamunge (Kenya)

4. Panca Sarungu (Indonesia)

World Alliance Wellness Centre

1. Joy Wanjiru (Centre for Kids Kenya)

2. Maya Hasan (Indonesia)

3. Nhi Le (Australia)

4. Prof Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel (India)

World Alliance Art Centre


1. Stella Lim (Malaysia)

2. Megan Jing Li (China)

3. Ingrida Kim (Russia)

4. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar (India)

World Alliance Centre Technology Opportunities

1. Datin Maliga Subramanian (Bangladesh)

2. Martin Jacobson (Sweden)

3. Julastina (Indonesia)

4. Arijit Bhattacharyya (India)

World Alliance Centre Health Opportunities

1. Helen Hurong (Vietnam)

2. Paulius Stankevicius (Finland).

3. Dr. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia)

4. Dr Sergey Dvorianov (Russia)

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