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WWLC (World Women Leading Change) was founded in 2018 by Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia). Co-founded by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Women Leaders International Network, Vietnam, Co-founded and preceded Mrs. Maris Stella (Indonesia), Mrs. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia) Mrs. Gadis Saras Amanda (Indonesia), Ms. Kyla Christie (Indonesia), Mrs. Rhesma Bhojwani (Indonesia), Mrs. Shilpa Spoorthy (India), Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia), Datin Jalina (Malaysia), DR. Rupa Vasudevan (India), Mrs. Megan Jing Li (China), Mrs. Carla Barbela (Philippine), Datin Malliga Subramanian (Bangladesh), Mrs. Ingrida Kim (Russia), Mrs. Alice Kamunge (Africa), Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya), DR. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia), Mrs. Julastina (Indonesia), Mrs. Lorena Muro (Peru), Mrs. Maya Miranda (Indonesia) Mrs. Anna Stukkert (Germany), Mrs. Caroline Verkaik (USA), Mrs. Asty Ananta (Indonesia), Mrs. Insana Habibie (Indonesia), Datin Sri Paduka Abby Lau (Singapore), Mrs. Maya Hasan (Indonesia), Mrs. Lingga (Indonesia), Mrs. Saba Fatima (India), Mrs. Velisia Sitaggang (USA). It focuses on social impact on humanity by empowering women as educators of future and nation. Using the latest technology as satellite we are proudly bringing to you our new innovation WLC (World Leadership Video Conference).

World Leadership Conference was initiated by World Woman Leading Change Technology Program by Advance Technology scheduled every April, Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN GLOBAL Forum, in Amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we will burn the TORCH of women deliberation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you are all are and broadcast World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers who will share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by Ayla Associate, HUJAN Holding & Asset Management, Global Property Bank & Technology Centre.

WLC was initiated in collaboration with: 

1. World Women Leading Change, (Women Leader Indonesia Network)

2. Women Leader International Network,

3. Business Style International Network,

4. Global Property Bank and Technology Centre

5. Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC)

6. World Women Forum (WWTIF)

7. BESTIU University India

8. Tanri Abeng University

9. Indonesian Gastronomy Association

10. India Economic Trade Association

11. Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce

12. International Diplomatic Organization

13. BRICS International Forum.

14. American Reporter,

15. World Forum for Education


1. Yayasan Pancamaha

2. Bubu

3. Supertext

4. Women on Top Inclusiveness

5. iMega industry Co.Ltd

6. Vera Beauty & Fashion College

7. Woman Startup Network

8. Baladhika Karya

9. Rempah by Multiflora

10. Qarya by Datin Jalina

11. Voice Of Our Child

12. S2 Signature Beauty and Wellness Hub

13. Vera Beauty and fashion College –Kenya

14. Stankevicius MGM

WORLD LEADERSHIP Video CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Changes in times of Corona Pandemic, Social Impact and Share Knowledge Of Wisdom.


We would like to create Regular Cycle of Conference hosted in different countries every Monday & Thursday starting 8th of April 2020.

The Intention is to create an impact on Everyone’s lives. The Value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and the children you raise.

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others!

Positive Messages is to be pass to people and give courage to them facing the world most turbulence time after the 2nd World War. We must be FASTER Than CORONA.

Please pass this message by making them attend or speaking let them be the agent of CHANGE.

The main objective is to spread positivity in the Global scale and together finding solutions.

WLC consists of entrepreneurs and top leaders in their fields from all over the world both from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) as well as from Russia and European countries (Ukraine, UK, Italy, France, Monaco and others), Africa (Kenya), the Middle East (Qatar), Australia and the United States.

WLC conducts 6 centre of new world management throughout the world, which are; Health Center which will be led by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Vietnam), Wellness Center which will be led by Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Africa), Singing for kindness Center which will be led by Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia) , Culinary Center which will be led by Mr. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia), Technology Center which will be led by Datin Malin Subramanian (Bangladesh), and Education Center which will be led by Dr. Rupa Vasudevan (India).

Just choose the topic that will be associated with the theme … So it is not Covid-19 that is the main issue, but the impact on people’s lives and businesses that occur (tourism, business, culture, food & beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, community life etc.) while encouraging the world.



Ambassador Alice Kamunge 

President of World Women Leading change Africa 

Founder –Vera beauty and fashion college 

Founder –Miss Tourism Kenya

Ambassador for Peace in Kenya.


Joy Wanjiru 

Founder of Impart A Generation

President for WWLC Kenya, Wellness center and Kids Leading change.

Ambassador for youth in Africa. 

Introduction to Conference 

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of unforeseen and unexpected, overnight opportunity for people to see the impact of swift and meaningful change, and to witness the negative consequences of trying to ignore this aberration from everyday life. Within organizations, the virus has been driving significant change in how their employees operate with each other, as well as with clients, customers, and vendors. Now that companies are shifting past their immediate response to the crisis, we’ve entered into a temporary “new normal.”

For our businesses to survive post this Pandemic, this calls for us to start preparations of the shift that awaits at the end of this road. 

Winning organizations will be those that integrate and master digital work, community, and collaboration. 



Mrs. Lorena is Mrs. Peru World; she has been speaking about sustainability – keeping life alive.

We are related to one another. This is a time to take time out. We are sharing a moments alive. This is amazing opportunity to be alive right now. We now understand we are spiritual being and social beings.

We are able to socialize and well connected, now we understand this more than ever. Our decisions are affecting all of us. We are expanding our circles of compassion. 

No problem can be solved with the same level of conciseness that created it. We will not have solutions if we still think the way we used to think. We need to understand that we have power to expand our level of consciousness by expanding our level of compassion. 


Mrs. Modeline opened by reminding us that Living in the world today, we have to essentially have a different way of thinking. We can’t live as we have been living. We need to get connected with people and society. The only way out is to keep social distance and smart about it. 

Yes, we are all missing loved ones, how do we reconnect, this are issues we are all facing. We must adopt the new way of life as this may be our new normal. Let us focus on the positive in all this. In every negative there’s a positivity. We can learn how to live together again.

Modeline has embarked on a charity journey in Haiti. They are building a school. She mentions that being locked up has helped her realize her unfinished goals. Mental health, domestic violence is going to be a huge issue after this pandemic. Haiti is doing better, but the pandemic has altered every detail of how we live our lives. She concludes by reminding us to Keep staying us positive.


Mrs.  Ewa share amazing personal journey during this pandemic to encourage people. She was able to work remotely and it has been great.  She also does her dance and church choir remotely with the husband. 

Social isolation has impacted her but she is trying to stay positive as she was falling into depression. She had stopped exercising which is helpful.

This experience made her to start thinking about how other people are feeling, the people who are alone, away from family and she thought of reaching out and see ways to help people.

Our organization has been helping the vulnerable, I volunteered in local supermarket, taking calls, delivering the food. 

I was thinking of nursing homes, the people have no visits, no family I started. So I started writing post cards to lighten up their spirit. 

Social distancing is changing; we may not connect as we used to do.

I have enjoyed being quarantined with someone I love, my husband.

Mrs. Ewa concludes with an encouraging quote “I used to pray for answers but now am praying with for strength, I used to think prayers changes things but I realize it changes me and i change things. We need to make changes and be the change we want to see in the world”.


This is a time we have been forced to settle down. This time we are grounded, everything is home based. It is time to enjoy the gift of time. 

I have been home for both my children’s birthday for the first time. It has been time to give back to my family, reconnect differently. We all need to feel a connection. 

It has been a time to help children realize this is new normal but not give extra fear. We also get to connect through zoom and FaceTime. Besides all that we are trying to share kindness by making cookies as we see there’s an increase of food insecurity and we have to give back to those struggling. 

It has been amazing sharing acts of kindness. There’s been shortage of protective equipment’s but we are making reusable masks and make lovely notes and give to workers.

Let us stay sane, appreciate those who are working hard to ensure everything goes well. I want to slow down and ensure to connect with family and to ensure we continue to grow.


Quarantine is a comma, not a full stop, rearrange it your way. 

This season has broken our secure way of life.  How can we deal with it? We need to be grateful for life, front liners, house workers, everyone working to give us the best. 

Gratitude is the first thing we need to embrace. Second is social media, come up with constructive ideas to connect, let’s use social media positively. Thirdly Read and come up with solutions. Fourthly, Managing/ Taking care of myself – India we do Yoga and we do it as our way of life, we do it with family. 

Firth is Managing limitations, let it be a discipline, this restriction is for discipline, nature needs isolation. Let us channel our energy into new habits. 

Six is Compassion, looking at People I can help – we make food, help communities that need food.

Sven is Education – Let us prepare children for bigger competitions of life not traditional ways of education.

Eight is Professional skills- Let us use our education and technology to educate people about good hygiene on social media. let us engage in positive and constructive.  Our youth should engage in something constructive


 Father and Mothers are taking places of teachers, teaching their children, cooking and etc.

I have been homeschooling my children which is good, but is different as we are alone in the houses. Most parents are making a difference.

Corona has brought so much sadness, but people are learning to care more about people, importance of life and other people’s lives. 

Most important, money and material things are not more important right now. Everything we buy doesn’t matter, the virus can get to you despite your money. 

After all we will have something good about his situation, to appreciate more about life.


We are facing a don’t touch economic situation. People are doing great things to motivate people and their welfare. This crisis was predicted by scientists long before but authorities and governments did nothing about it.

We are learning lessons here, can learn so much, we have to take care of nature and as we can see, our mountains are visible now.

May take away as leadership expert are,

  1. Lead yourself first – by imagination and seeing and Meditation helps bring solutions.
  2. Leading your team, being compassionate to others.
  3. Corvid is not ending everything – many things are coming, networking, new business and we need to ensure that our businesses adopt future demands.
  4. We should be more community based- many people are going through hard times, can we do anything, create employment and platforms like WWLC.


Looking at Education situation, 85% schools are closed. 

Most of the educations programs have been cancelled or postponed. Students are facing major mental stress. 

About 20 % of students in japan do not have computers or Wi-Fi. Students in the country side have no Wi-Fi unlike cities where there is public Wi-Fi.

We need to ask ourselves, what do schools need to do in this situation? 

This are some of the solutions we need to embrace;

  1. Adapt soonest possible and make huge change.
  2. What kind of change? from analogue to digital. We need to embrace Wi-Fi in schools.
  3. We need to change teaching equipment’s- blackboards will not work anymore/ governments need to invest in using PC, Zoom, skype and digital text book.
  4. Change our methods of learning –teachers have to learn to embrace technology and teaching remotely. 

Now we have to be ready for evolutional change, our new normal is going to be our new normal and we have to accelerate the rate change.


We rely highly in Asia for raw material especially China. This has damaged business. We started to master the situation early so, when corvid hit us in match we were not surprised.

we started sourcing for supplies for and donations. We helped institutions like hospitals, I shared my resources too. 

In 2003, Taiwan faced a major pandemic and that experience taught us how to cope. Because this we have supported other countries through our lesson. Even though we are trying to return to normal we still have a long way to go. The solution is still unknown but we can keep our communications and our options open.

Let us make ourselves useful and support our communities. Let us do what we can do to make the world a better place, I hope each one can do the same.


I Traveled to Africa and I saw the country Kenya from top of Mr. Kilimanjaro.

As nonprofit CEO, I work with children and people suffering from addiction. This two groups of people really need social interactions. We need to interact with them. We can use technology to stay together. Children and addicts do really need social interaction during this time.

Routine is paramount for them and for us all. As family members or friends, check in on people in recovery and people struggling. 

For children- having being a teacher, we applaud children worldwide. They have faced an upside down world, but they have adoptive and have moved with all the changes.

Teachers, we must remember children are very imitative, so as adults, we have to remain positive, remember to strong.

Denmark has opened schools and some parents are excited while others feel it is not safe. 

Most primary schools are held outside in tents because of circulation of fresh air.

When corvid is over, we must remember we are consumers and we hold do much power, let us support this business by buying from them. Let us show up for them.

Let us also remember tourism is a big part of our economy, let us not cancel our trips, but let us still make them happen.


What we used to do cannot be done again. We need to adopt to a new normal. I am director of Kenya pipe line – The crisis has made a necessity, key among them, we began to understand needs of essential market, we are realizing it is critical to look at depth of labor market.

The need to consolidate financial pressure, we must make sober decisions. We are beginning to think about how to reconstruct our development. 

Our president has spoken about a key pillar of health; our leaders are rethinking how they have been equipping hospitals.  We have to go back to basics in terms of policy. We need to renegotiate our debts from abroad. Our Communications has to change too. 


I must say this downtime during Corona has provided an opportunity to connect with like minds globally an advantage for us to learn from and support each other something that we would not have had a chance to do before Corona so I’m very grateful for this opportunity 

Also the effects of Corona have proved that there’s a great need for advancement of technology and connectivity in disadvantaged areas in villages all over something I’m motivated to explore and help to advance education.

And also this situation has provided an opportunity to see the creativity and innovative minds of our youth and find ways to help promote them going forward.

So I’m hopeful and optimistic post Corvid and compassionate of others during our current situation


Dealing with COVID 19 we have 2 approaches I have named “Charity with Dignity” where a) a well to do Kenyan family identifies a needy family and commits to take care of their basics i.e food and shelter for as long as the pandemic persists.

b) Giving through places of worship like churches and mosques. Companies, organizations are also giving this channel as many people also feel safe sharing their problems with spiritual leaders and that way they get the much needed help and they maintain their dignity as they do not get exposed

On sustainable/ responsible Tourism Post COVID 19;

we can all agree that with less pollution we are enjoying cleaner air and most places beautiful scenery. From Nairobi we can now see the crown of Mt Kilimanjaro and on the opposite side we can see the Nelion the peak of Mt Kenya scenes we have not seen in a long time. 

This is true for many cities. As a result, Corvid 19 has taught us sustainability of the environment cannot be left to a few organizations. We must own the green economy agenda and come up with responsible travel policies from individual to corporate levels.

Secondly, when travel resumes. Wherever we go far or near we will meet people who are hurting either due to loss of business, job, income, health or even a loved one. How can we empathize with them as we go about our travel either for business or leisure? As decision makers we can up with sensitive ways to engage people out there. Let us purpose to restore humanity.


We are in a series of crises, namely Corona, Climate, Cultural, etc. In May 7 1935, a scientist cum philosopher spoke about the European Crisis in Vienna. 

He was speaking about the cause of our crisis in terms of our calculative, exploitative and manipulative mind. It was also the time of the rise of Nazi ideology and we saw big changes afterwards. More globalization, and the rise of Communism and Capitalism. 

However, we saw in 1989 through the opening of the Hungarian border, East German refugees flowing to West Germany which resulted the disintegration of Soviet Union and the communism. Now Communism may be existing only in India.

We see the Kerala Government an elected Communist Party Government is the lone Communist ideology in the world now existing. Even the Chinese Government is inside capitalist. It will happen to Capitalism also the same. The merciless cruelty and the ruthless profit mongering of capitalism is also in the brink because of the economic collapse all over the world.

Now the new world order will be on information which cannot be controlled and the production, distribution and creating artificial scarcity of commodities is not possible because information is flowing and it cannot be controlled.

So a new philosophy of leadership based information is to be evolved which will make compassion, equality and need based ideas rather than patents. An open source leadership which I hope these conversations will engage us to bring in after the Post Corvid Era. 

This engagement led by Dr Ayla, Joy and many others are in indeed a new beginning for the birth pang of a new ideology that is going beyond all the Issues and feed forward looking rather than a feedback looking.


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