WWLC (World Women Leading Change) was founded in 2018 by Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia),. Co-founded by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Women Leaders International Network, Vietnam, Co-founded and preceded Mrs. Gadis Saras Amanda (Indonesia), Mrs. Maris Stella (Indonesia), Amb. Alice Kamunge (Africa), Amb. Debbie Dineo Raphuti (South Africa), Mrs. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia), Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia), Datin Jalina (Malaysia), DR. Rupa Vasudevan (India), Mrs. Megan Jing Li (China), Mrs. Carla Cabrera (Philippine), Datin Malliga Subramanian (Bangladesh), Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya), Mrs. Julastina (Indonesia), Datin Sri Paduka Abby Lau (Singapore), Mrs. Maya Hasan (Indonesia), Mrs. Velisia Sitaggang (USA) Ingrid (Russia), Nhi Le (Australia) ,Gulshat Uzenbaeva (Monaco), Anna Stukkert (Germany), Lorena Muro (South America), Nisha Pathak (Nepal), Sheara Emerson (Sri Lanka), Amb. Ariana Ortet (Angola), Amb. Pacha Masengo (DRC), Amb. Filonoma Molalane (Moazambique), Simanga Brenda Chili (Swaziland), Mankhole Masisi (Lesotho), Amb. Jane Magigita (Tanzania), Amb. Emelyne Muhorakeye (Burundi), Amb. Judith Mwila (Zambia), Amb. Constance Kangoulung (Malawi), Caroline Grazia Nyatsambo (Zimbabwe), Kisakye Rona (Uganda), Amb. Pardoh Moeti (Botswana), Ogenna Walter (Nigeria), 

Wanja Wathingira (Kenya), Chaze Muhuluma (Namibia). It focuses on social impact on humanity by empowering women as educators of future and nation. Using the latest technology as satellite we are proudly bringing to you our new innovation WLC (World Leadership Video Conference). World Leadership Conference was initiated by World Woman Leading Change by Ayla Associate & Global Property Bank & Technology Centre, World women leading change and Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN Forum, in Amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we will burn the TORCH of women deliberation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you are all are and broadcast World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers who will share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by Ayla Associate, HUJAN Holding & Asset Management, Global Property Bank & Technology Centre, AK Land, 4Stankevicius, Vera Beauty & Fashion College, World Forum for Education. 

WLC was initiated in collaboration with: 

1. Women Leader Indonesia Network 

2. Women Leader International Network, 

3. Business Style International Network, 

4. Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC) 

5. World Women Forum (WWTIF) 

6. BESTIU University India 

7. Tanri Abeng University 

8. Indonesian Gastronomy Association 

9. India Economic Trade Association 

10. Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce 

11. International Diplomatic Organization 

12. BRICS International Forum. 

13. American Reporter, 

15. The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) 

16. Real Estate Indonesia 


1. Bubu 

2. Supertext 

3. Women on Top Inclusiveness 

4. iMega industry Co.Ltd 

5. Impart A Generation 

6. Narfex 

7. Woman Startup Network 

8. Rempah by Multiflora 

9. Qarya by Datin Jalina 

10. Voice Of Our Child 

11. Anusa Data 

12. Revealium Group 

13. Luxpro International 

14. Congress of Real Estate & Investment 

15. Sevenstone Investment 

16. ISF Analitica & Informatica 

WORLD LEADERSHIP Video CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Changes in times of Corona Pandemic, Social Impact and Share Knowledge Of Wisdom. 


We would like to create Regular Cycle of Conference hosted in different countries every Monday & Thursday starting 8th of April 2020. 

The Intention is to create an impact on Everyone’s lives. The Value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and the children you raise. 

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others! 

Positive Messages is to be pass to people and give courage to them facing the world most turbulence time after the 2nd World War. We must be FASTER Than CORONA. 

Please pass this message by making them attend or speaking let them be the agent of CHANGE. 

The main objective is to spread positivity in the Global scale and together finding solutions. 

WLC consists of entrepreneurs and top leaders in their fields from all over the world both from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) as well as from Russia and European countries (Ukraine, UK, Italy, France, Monaco and others), Africa (Kenya), the Middle East (Qatar), Australia and the United States. 

Just choose the topic that will be associated with the theme … So it is not Covid-19 that is the main issue, but the impact on people’s lives and businesses that occur (tourism, business, culture, food & beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, community life etc.) while encouraging the world. 


Topic: New Management Post Covid-19 

Date: Monday, 11th May 2020 

PROLEGOMENON (the introductory words of the host country) : 

Since COVID-19 happened all over the world recently, it impacted nations, industries, companies, organizations, as well all the persons. How to deal with the new situation, we are going to talk about the new management for companies, organizations, as well as for selves. 


Megan Jing Li (China) 

CEO & Founder of iMega Industry Co. Ltd 

President of WWLC China 


Ernestina Wang (Malaysia) 

CEO of WWLC Malaysia 


1. Xu Liang (China) 

Chairman Assistant of China Tianying Inc. 

He was born in China and studied in Shanghai and Germany. Now he is working in one of the biggest waste management listed company China TianYing. They can offer all of the waste management EPC projects and EPC+F project over the world. He thinks to be a business leader, we need to bridge any gaps caused by hurts, bias and rumors no matter if they are generated by accidents or on purpose. Wherever the world economy goes, it deserves an united world and solid spirit of collaboration. 

2. Haroon Rashid (Pakistan) 

Chief Executive of Finesse Corporation 

He comes from Pakistan. He is doing marble business, has his own manufacture and has rich resources in Pakistan. He thinks, right now everyhthing is changing day by day, Emarket is 

inceasing , countries should join hand together, management for future will be difficuty. Digital plus as one comunity work together to face the new situation. Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to enter into a better world post pandemic. 

3. Nafisa Yeasmin (India) 

Director & CEO of Kiandas Business Academy 

She is coming from India Kolkata. She is a famous painter as well an entrepreneur. She thinks life means uncertainty, any uncertainty drives you to achieve extraordinary. There are new opportunities post covid19. Such as automobile industry, education, online business, supply chain management, IT, and Leadership innovation. 

4. Sharon Liang (China) 

Founder&CEO of H&L Management Consulting Ltd 

She is coming from China, she is the founder and CEO for the management consulting company, she is the classmate of Megan for MBA in Jiaotong University. Sharon is professional in steel, auto industries. She is talking about how covid-19 is reshaping the Chinese companies. She gives some suggestion: 1 thing about the strategy and focus on the main business. 2 Rolling plan and budge for more flexible and fast action. 3 cash flow is the most important thing, especially in operation capital. 4 telework and teleconference are now in common use for quick decision. 5 performance evaluation and incentive mechanism will be improved. 6 Big data ins applying in IT system for forecast and visual management. 

5. Harsha Vardhan (India) 

Additional Commissioner, Customs & GST of Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Revenue 

I have outlined few points which may be relevant or the New Management in the post COVID 19 era. 


The pandemic outbreak will have a lasting impact on the consumer behavior. The management needs to understand the changed consumer preferences and will have to specifically focus on reassessing consumer sentiments and determining the demands for their products and services post pandemic. 

For example, luxury and discretionary spending may continue to remain low for some time even when the pandemic is over. In the interest of social distancing, actually physical distancing, consumers will continue to buy their requirements though digital channels. Therefore the managements would need to rework their products and services in line with the consumer requirements. 


COVID-19 has ushered an era of remote working in all organisations. 

This necessitates a review of IT/Security policies of the organization, network management, and connectivity. 

In fact Work From Home may become a norm for many organizations 

Given their experiences during the lockdown period. It may cut down costs on infrastructure and office maintenance expenses. 

Embracing online selling 

The e-commerce sector had been booming in the pre-COVID world. in the e-commerce domain across categories such as apparel, food, handicrafts, and more. 

E-commerce would witness a further boost, post the lockdown in view of the continued focus on social/physical distancing. Therefore, entrepreneurs with businesses need to leverage the digital infrastructure and adopt the e-commerce channel. 

Training and reskilling for work force. 

The current era will require rapid training and reskilling capabilities for employees, contingent workforce, and partners. The managements will have pay special attention to this area. 

Communicate with all stakeholders 

Given the fact that even when the pandemic would be over, the work-from-home mandate might continue for the foreseeable future, Clear and ongoing communication with stakeholders, associates, employees, partners, and customers is crucial. Need to stay connected with multiple stakeholders of the business and keep them in the loop regarding the significant developments of the business. 

Stakeholders will look out to the management to stay in touch with them and share news about what’s happening. 

This is the time to build strong bonds with your customers. 


In the times when distancing is the mantra, there is greater need to express Social Solidarity. We are all in this together and no one is safe until and unless all of us are . This is true for businesses and industries. This crises gives a unique opportunity for the leaders and managers to express Social Solidarity with stakeholders, employees and consumers 

Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. : Paulo Coelho 

Problems and crises ignite our greatest creativity and thought leadership as it forces us to focus on things outside the norm. In our case, the New normal. 

‘The only thing not to do in a crises situation is to remain in the status quo. Upto the present times, every crises has ultimately served as a spring board for progress.’ : Turgut Ozal. 

The present crises, while it has brought untold misery to humankind all over the world, it also presents an opportunity to review , reflect and revisit our way of living and emerge 

better human beings with strength and compassion. It is an opportunity to engage in a new renaissance. 

6. Linda Yu (China) 

General Manager of GIVI Measurement Technology Co. Ltd 

She is working in on Italy company as general manager. As we all know Italy is the most serious area in Europe, so how to impact Chinese business? She is discussing about the impact and countermeasures under the situation of Covid 19. Some countermeasures:1 study the situation deeply before action. 2 well organized stock in advanced. 3 Convince customers to pay in right way 4 boost employees confidently. 

7. Arijit Bhattacharyya (India) 

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Public Speaker, Founder of virtual infocom (Since 1998) 

8. Kelly Zhao (China) 

Founder & CEO Shanghai Shijin Business Consulting Co. Ltd 

She is the leadership consultant. She thinks, a team is not a bunch of people with job titles ,but a congregation of individuals, they perform most effectively in the ones that are more natural to them. 

9. Siggi Arnason (Iceland) 

Founder of Drexler 

He is the only western speakers today. He is talking about the differently way to face up the covid-19. As western and Eastern culture is different, communication way is different, so the attitude is different too. He thinks Western are shot-term thinking but Asian are long -term thinking. 

10. Jessica Zhong (China) 

Founder of Dodo Xiong Meiyu 

Chairman of Shenzhen Duoduo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. 

She is coming from China, she is devoted herself in improving the level of Chinese aesthetic education. 

12. Debbie Dineo Raphuti (Africa) 

Ambassador for Peace & Gender 

Environmental Activist 

Advocate of Water Sanitation 

World Leadership Conference 

18 International Organization where she calls up all world leaders to spread Positivity already on batch No 10 and will turn to 6 Crisis Management Centre focus in 24 Countries which is Born from World Leadership Conference. 


World Leadership Centre, born leadership in focus in Industry to be aware and rise. 

World Forum for Education 

Global Chair 

1. DR Rupa Vasudevan (India) 

2. Bradley Emerson (Bangladesh) 

3. Amb. Alice Kamunge (Africa) 

World Alliance Food and Lifestyle Centre 

1. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia) 

2. Mario Gallo (Italia) 

3. Panca Sarungu (Indonesia) 

World Alliance Wellness Centre 

1. Prof. Mathew Chandrankunnel (India) 

2. Maya Hasan (Indonesia) 

3. Nhi Le (Australia) 

World Alliance Art Centre 


1. Stella Lim (Malaysia) 

2. Megan Jing Li (China) 

3. Ingrida Kim (Russia) 

World Alliance Centre Technology Opportunities 

1. Datin Maliga Subramanian (Bangladesh) 

2. Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 

3. Julastina (Indonesia) 

World Alliance Centre Health Opportunities 

1. Helen Hurong (Vietnam) 

2. Paulius Stankevicius (Finland). 

3. Dr. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia) 

4. Dr Sergey Dvorianov (Russia) 

World Real Estate Leading Change 

1. Prof. Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia) 

2. Amb. Debbie Dineo Raphuti (South Africa) 

World Creative Arts Centre 

1. Wanja Wathingira (Kenya) 

World Kids Leading Change 

1. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya) 

2. Andre (Indonesia) 

World Youth Leading Change 

1. Louise Muiruri (Kenya) 

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