Queen Isabelle Liow PJK – The purple lights the woman who lead change in the world, a great loss to the world.

Queen Isabelle Liow PJK is known as a beauty who won many prestigious awards; Timeless Elegant Queen of Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2012, Passion & Commitment – Young Professional Award 2013, Mrs Asia Globe 2013 & 2014, Mrs. Malaysia Global Queen 2013 She is also a Committee Member of Malaysia Chinese Woman Entrepreneurs Association MCWEA; Ambassador of Shark Savers Malaysia, Honorary Secretary of Lions Club Putrajaya Royale. She is also the cofounder of Mrs Fashion World spreading encouragement and awards for women empowerment around the world. She also had medal to active social activists by the Governor of Melaka, Malaysia. She is also President of WLIN Malaysia.

Queen Isabelle Liow JPK was one of the women who published on the first edition of the World Women Leading Change Books which was launched in British Parliament House of Common in London, England in 2019 as Change Makers with Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong  and 18 other women leaders who change the world written by Maris Stella and cofounded by Founder and President of World Women Leading Change Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA both from Indonesia, her colleague of Women Leader Global Ambassador through 7 years of establishment,  developed in 36 countries around the world. The former awarded was Mother Theresa with other change makers world fastest Seorgeon, innovator and educator.

Her endless work cause in women empowerment throughout her life until her last breath shine on her  determination on resilience and strength as an example on WWLC Campaign Beyond Beautiful.

She’s an inspiration to all women in the world to give the best of the one shot of living.

On the launching of World Women Leading Change Malaysia on January 2020 organized by WWLC Malaysia President Stella Liem, Trustee Datin Jalina Abdulrahman and CEO WWLC Malaysia Ernestina Wang she shared a touching poem

When I died
“When I died you will send flowers but I can’t see them
When I died you will miss me but I can’t see you
When I died you will miss me miss me now
When I died you will miss me spend time with me now”

She always supported Women and WWLC Events in Malaysia and Asia like Dialogue in the Dark – Learning to walk on dark tunnel to have emphasized with the blinds to trains the Eyes to see Beyond sights.

Queen Isabelle Liow was honored to be awarded as Top 50 Asia Pacific Women Leaders Award 2018; Top 25 Women Leaders International Award 2018. Where she met Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA in Women Leader International Network which is Founded by Mrs World 2012 Helen Hurong from Vietnam. The inspirational story about her journey of striving to live and contribute to the community including fighting Covid 19 together with other women leaders on her last speaking panel in World Leadership Conference hosted by Dr Rupa Vasudeswan from India on Batch 4  April 2020, Batch 19 June 2020 hosted by Helen Hurong from Vietnam also  Launched WWLC  Philipines on May 2020 and Cofounded it with Carla Cabrera, Mrs Globe and WWLC President Philippines.

Having faced with cancer a few years ago, she has dealt with a terrible illness, she never allowed herself to give up.  On her last week fighting she was still aiming to bring Mrs Fashion World to far Africa helping designers and women in Asia and Africa to shine with Datin Geh Ciu Mei her fellow MCWA, Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie and Helen Hurong in collaboration with WWLC Africa lead by HRH Princess Debbie Dineo Raphuti and President Rebecca Morudu from South Africa. Plans to launch virtually on WWLC second anniversary on 05 December 2020.

Avoa Queen Isabelle
The Queen have left us but your spirit leads us to the spirit of women empowerment. Goodbye The Purple Light, the women leaders International Network- World Women Leading Change paid her last respect on 8 November 2020 on 8 45 live from the last funeral attendance women from Indonesia, Philippines, India Singapore, Vietnam, China and Malaysia.

World Women Leading Change is women and youth empowerment movement that empowers leading businesswomen, youth and kids to lead, change and give impact to their families, work field, community, environment and industry.

Founded in 2018, by Prof. Dr. Ayla Aldiufrie, MBA in Bali, Indonesia, with 40 Other women around the globe, Transformational form of Women Leaders Indonesia Network as CSR and SDG Initiation Program of Global Property, Bank and Technology Centre, Hujan Asset Management and Ayla Associate also 4Stankevicius.

Evolves on the premise of women’s empowerment as the heartbeat of it’s movement, that encourages and invites businesswomen and woman entrepreneurs to be at the forefront in leading the change on various parts of life especially in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

During COVID-19, since April 2020 WWLC is the most active organisation in the world that conducted 210 events everyday to bring Light and Heart Vaccines, collaboration with Women Leader International Network and World Forum for Education to help small medium business to share knowledge experiences and expertise and promote their business.

4Seratabatho President Lesego Motshwane – South Africa 11 November 2020

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