Hujan Asset Management, a private asset management firm managing over $7B worth of assets worldwide with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and headquarters in London is choosing to invest in Indonesia with the supportive collaboration of the leading Indonesian advisory firm Ayla & Associates.

As one of the leading emerging markets, Indonesia has seen tremendous business and economic growth in the last years as revenues for corporates have been rising and customer spending power has been increasing significantly as well.

The Indonesian population reaches over 270 million making it one of the most valuable markets for future commerce business growth. More and more foreign investors are entering Indonesia for various businesses, from online consumer tech-based businesses to real estate and natural resources. Indonesia is a rich country from many perspectives.

Hujan Asset Management is already operating in major cities Asia Pacific and South East Asia Pacific and has been having large investments in Indonesia as well for years now. The firm, however, is aiming to bring even more funds to Indonesia as it sees Indonesia to rise significantly over the next 5-10 years.

Hujan Asset Management has appointed the leading advisory firm Ayla & Associates to support the entry to Indonesia with special investment projects in collaboration with government and large publicly traded local companies.

Hujan Asset Management is looking to seriously inject large assets of cash into Indonesia and is expecting a strong return over 10 years. Ayla & Associates has been in the industry for decades and has been advising Indonesian authorities for special trade matters and international business. Ayla & Associates is bringing Hujan Asset Management to Indonesia and this business will return Ayla & Associates even greater reputation to the firm as well as to the entire country and not just that but it also will create a strong mark of power in international markets.

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