foster gillet

Mr Foster Gillett Chairman of Hujan Infrastructure Bali and CEO FAB Global Holding and Gillett Group International and Director of Booth Creek Management is expecting to come to CC Forum Middle East Bahrain and sign MOU of World Changer Forum is another initiative of CC Forum with World Women Leading Change on 21 to 24 March 2022 along with Formula 1 in Bahrain which Patronage by HRH Prince Salman Al Khalifa Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Kingdom of Bahrain.

Foster Gillett is the former owner and the man behind the rise and nurtured world second largest football Liverpool Club and prominent global businessman in sports and entertainment will be on the speaker panel with other impactful speaker such as Royals Billionaire and people who made SIGNIFICANT impact to Humanity to planet Earth.

Mr Foster Gillett is delighted and honored to support distinguished event who supported green economy climate change and women and youth empowerment.

His presence will also to immediate impact in supporting Hujan Salakanagara Bank the Private Bank that
Chaired by KGBA Rolita Manulang Indonesian Top Banker who formerly lead world Largest bank ICBC in Indonesia and launched their second brand and innisiative of women bank in which will be lead by former world banker Marcella Hurtas from Columbia leading 6 million businesswomen in 120 countries across the globe and support Innisiative of world women Leading Change and created in immediate women bank – WWLC Bank to support women and youth in rural village victim of rape fighting teen pregnancy mentall illness founded by HRH KGRA Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie MBA from Indonesia.

Max Stundenicoff the Founder of CC Forum is delighted to host one of world most amazing people who made significant impact in also fighting cansereous surviver Saku. It’s also among others speakers and attendees who is trying to create Legacy bigger than their lives trough his CC Forum who support world most prestigious initiative with significant real impacts and aim to be the Forum of the world Changer Person.

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