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KGRA Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie MBA entering Gulf Region bringing Wellness and Infrastructure Opportunities from Asia Pacific

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KGRA Prof Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie MBA founder and chairman Ayla Associate Group Companies founder and world President of Global Property Bank and Technology Centre and World Women Leading Change will be one of panelist and awardee in CC Forum Middle East Bahrain 21 24 March 2022 at the Four Season Hotel under the Patronage of HRH Prince Salman AlKhalifa Crown Prince and Prime Minister Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr Ayla will be in Panel discussions on 22 and 23 March 2022 with many Billioner and Royals and people with amazing impacts to the world.

She is also coming to announce and delighted to have strong presence in the Gulf. The royal descendant and leader of world most ancient tribe Salakanagara Tirtawangsaatmaja from 130 AD is delighted to also bringing opportunities to nurtured her Consulting Brand from United Kingdom Jurisdiction and Indonesia originated Ayla Associate.

The brand behind legacy of Women and Youth empowerment who is very actively involved in Humanitarian Socioeuntrepreneurship delighted about the opportunities to escalate her footsteps in the Gulf region and chose Bahrain as 3rd HQ after London and Jakarta.

Ayla Associate have entirely active in last 5 years building Human capital and capasitator by creating educational programs whole year around and founding all around the Globe with Partnership such as World Leadership Conference World Women Investment Forum Women Leader Forum Asia Africa Investment Forum, World Forum for Education and will sign MOU with CC Forum to made World Changer Forum to empower amazing talent with their incredible inclusiveness to be known to the world and building active communities of High Impact business people to create legacy to Humankind.

World women Leading Change in Bahrain is lead by HE Ahlam Janahi President of Bahrain Businesswomen Society. World Women Leading Change in future growth will entering financial sector by creating women bank, WWLC Bank as initiative of Hujan Holding. Women bank will collecting Investment asset bank to help SME and women in rural village to have sustainability financing.

Dr Ayla Aljufrie trough Ayla Associate also founded and sit on Advisory of Leading Investment of an Asset Management based in London. It’s called Hujan Asset Management. Lead by former Indonesia largest Oil and Gas Professional Juliastina Mukhiwati.

Under Hujan opportunities in the first year in the Gulf is to develop and bringing wellness and health sectors from Asia most ancient TCM under the brand of Rempah By Multiflora. It’s an Asian leading brand of Wellness TCM Spa. Multiflora is Singapore most prestigious brand, which is Lead By Datin Sri Paduka Abby Lau and planning to have strong presence in Gulf such as Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The companies born under Dr Helen hurong involvement that diversified Dr Ayla Business to wellness and Datin Abby to Real Estate Investment as Co Branding of both Ayla Associate and Multiflora that born under Women Leader International Network and Women Leader Global Holding. The fruits of women empowerment that actively nurtured by 3 different countries businese women founder in Asia Pasific.

Hujan Holding also leading an opportunities investment of Waskita Karya. Lead by Mr Destiawan Soewarjono MBA, Waskita is Asia Largest construction company that hold majority of high way and stand behind the major rapid growth of Infrastructure in Indonesia, as the most active growth country in the world based on world bank research in Infrastructure.
Hujan Salakanagara planned to close 5 Bilion USD in immediate time bringing world class Investor such as FAB Global Holding from Pasific Region and Al Tharahya Group originated in the Gulf which based out of Zurich. Waskita Karya tbk planned to cater rapid development actively in Gulf Region, and develop many cities or Transit development in Mena such as Uganda, Zimbabwe,.Kenya South Africa, Bahrain Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE. Lead by former Indonesia largest real estate development professional director Mr Alwi Syaaf which is also an architect and educator of sustainability development.

Founder of CC Forum Max Studennikoff delighted to welcome Dr Ayla Aldjufrie and her other delegates and gave amazing applause to support the Women and Youth empowerment, also to adopt it as initiative of CC Forum and create World Changer forum to give all the women and Youth Hope for better Humanity and CHANGE the future.

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