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BSIN Club is a club that periodically operates under the Business Style Men International Network (BSIN). The network has attracted the interest and participation of the male entrepreneurs’ community in many countries around the world.

Entrepreneurs play an important role in sharing knowledge, being a great motivation, and inspiration to help the community stay on the economic front, spreading spiritual and material values to society, contributing to the goal of a wealthy and beautiful country. Since then, Business Style Magazine has created Business Style International Networking (BSIN) as a network for Vietnamese and international male entrepreneurs to expand opportunities for exchange, learning, and connecting business globally.

BSIN Club is a bridge for sustainable business cooperations for many businesses

With a rapidly growing membership, BSIN is now present in many countries around the world, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland,…, with the structure of each club with 1 President, 10 Vice Presidents and 100 members operating in 10 prominent industries: 

Beauty – Dental – Cosmetic Surgery
Fashion – Accessories
Sport – Wellness
F&B – Hospitality – Toursm
Education – Training
IT – Communication – Event
Real Estate – Construction – Interior – Exterior
Business Consultant

BSIN Club is the convergence of knowledge, bravery, and business class, always pioneering in business trends, catching up with the changes of the world economy. Periodic meetings of BSIN Clubs will exchange and share about the most practical topics according to the whirlpool of the economy such as Stability and development of corporate security, Corporate finance issues and chain development, Investment knowledge, How to invest in real estate – vision and strategy,…

The International Business and Entrepreneur Community gathers at the momentum event organized by BSIN

In addition, BSIN Club is also a place to share models, how to operate and develop BSIN in the future, and update entrepreneurs with attractive benefits when becoming a member such as attending many attractive advanced training courses, building and promoting businesses as well as professional personal brands and creating long-term business connections,…

BSIN – a place to connect the Vietnamese and international male entrepreneurs community with the mission “Connections to Success & Happiness”.

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