Waskita Karya Tbk one of Asia Largest construction company offering 3 Investment proposal in CC Forum Middle East Bahrain under the Patronage of HRH Prince Salman AlKhalifa the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Kingdom of Bahrain.

Waskita Karya tbk is
established on January 1, 1961 PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk is one of the leading state companies in Indonesia that plays a major role in infrastructure development. Derived from a Dutch company called “Volker Aannemings Maatschappij N.V.”, Waskita Karya initially participated in water-related project work including reclamation, dredging, ports and irrigation. Since 1973, Waskita Karya’s legal status changed to “Persero” PT Waskita Karya with a more familiar nickname “Waskita”. Since then the company has started to develop its business as a general contractor involved in a wider range of construction activities in Indonesia and Internationally including roads, bridges, airports, waste processing plants, cement plants and other industrial facilities. Waskita has achieved prominent performance in the construction of a long-reinforced concrete bridge using a balanced cantilever system and has successfully completed many bridges. Up until today, Waskita Karya have actively build road in 4th World Largest Nation in Indonesia holds about 1000km active road across nation.

Waskita Karya CEO Mr Destiawan Soewarjono MBA was delighted to be one of the companies who invited to presented in exquisite Forum such as CC Forum. Eventhough he couldnt make it in person to attend, Waskita Karya had significant presence in CC Forum brought by HRH Prof Dr Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA who spokes about the importance of connecting and brought in panel discussions regarding Real Estate Sustainability on 23th March 2022 along with many others panelist such as HRH Abdullah Sultan Al Saud Prince from Kingdom of Saudi Hadi Al Alawi from Bahrain Per Wimmer from Denmark and Moderate by Farzam Kamalabadi from Kuwait.

The panel discussions spoke about the importance of sustainability in Real Estate sector under her Ayla Associate she believe Waskita Karya tbk is one of the company which emphasis on change and connectivity similar to CC as in CC Forum.

Waskita had done enormous remakable work to enhance GDP of many people in Indonesia. Dr Ayla also reminded about the importance of Human as the most sustainable real estate and how connectivity become the most important role in sustainability of family environments and country. She also explaining why Waskita Karya plays a huge significant impact as company behind the Largest Indonesia GDP growth and the fastest growth of Infrastructure by the world bank.

Waskita Karya tbk is one of the company would like to enter as Investment and develop to be the most respectable contributor of human economic of change to be major player in world map. Waskita Karya tbk hopefully will have immediate strong presence in the Gulf and take major role in building TOD city that build the human as Centre of the development. The panel is ended by Beatifull video of Waskita Karya tbk and showcase of Indonesia country.

Dr Ayla Aldjufrie trough her Consulting company Ayla Associate also explained that she had world class investment company who had huge interest in entering Waskita Karya tbk and currently under Due Diligence.
The Investment will enter Waskita Karya tbk from the UK Based Asset Management company where she advised.

However she expressed that to grow company it doesnt need only money the most important is the people behind the company itself.

“I believe in Mr Destiawan Suwardjono MBA as we are coming from same Almamater UGM and it’s the people who made the difference and the CHANGE in the company.”

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