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WLIN Global Holdings: The announcing of WLIN Singapore Country Partner

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WLIN Global Holdings successfully hosted the event “Business Matching: The announcement ceremony of WLIN Singapore Partner” on May 5th, 2022, at Muong Thanh Luxury Sai Gon in HCM City.

The event was conducted to announce a new WLIN Partner from the island nation of Singapore, who would work together to expand the WLIN Global network and assist WLIN Global Holdings’ IPO 2026 roadmap. Moreover, the event draws a great number of entrepreneurs, professionals, and enterprises to exchange ideas and create a dynamic networking environment.

<em>The event has the presences of Vietnamese and Singapore business leaders<em>

Announcing WLIN Country partner from Singapore

The event honors to has the presence of Psychologist – Dr. Ly Thi Mai – Advisor of WLIN Global Holdings, President of Women Leaders Academy, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global Holdings, General Director of Nam Huong Group, M.A of Laws Bui Thi Bach Hai – President of WLIN Vietnam, Deputy Director of Thanh Nien Publishing House… and the distinguished guests from Singapore are Dr. Frederick Yap – President of the International Business Association (IBF), International Franchise Development Director of Moutai Bulao and Mr. Alvin Chua – Vice Chairman of Steering Committee of Ascent Bridge Singapore, Representive of Moutai Bulao – Mao Dai New Generation.

<em>Dr Frederick Yap center and Mr Alvin Chua rightmost participate in the event<em>

At the event, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, President of WLIN Global Holdings and General Director of Nam Huong Group, shared about WLIN Global Holdings’ IPO strategy and international markets expansion strategy. WLIN Global Holdings, according to Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, has nearly finished the Co-Founders round and stepped on to the Angel round, which includes a large number of investors. WLIN Global Holdings aspires to have many partners in the upcoming development strategy, both domestic and foreign. Guests responded positively to the Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings’ sharing segment, which included the discussions and sharing of feelings between investors and business executives.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong shared about the IPO roadmap and international market development strategy<em>

WLIN Global Holdings has attracted the support of prominent entrepreneurs, business leaders as investors, and WLIN Partners for its vision and achievable goals. A signing ceremony between WLIN Global Holdings and WLIN Country Partner from Singapore was also held at this event. On behalf of WLIN Global Holdings, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings, signed and presented flowers and the WLIN Country Partner certificate to Dr. Frederick Yap, President of the International Business Federation (IBF), General Manager of Moutai Bulao Global Franchise Pte Ltd. As President of the International Business Federation (IBF) and a successful leader with experience in connecting global firms, Dr. Frederick Yap will accompany WLIN Global Holdings in its global expansion, contributing to the creation of a prosperous network of women leaders.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong President of WLIN Global Holdings signed WLIN Country Partner with Dr Frederick Yap <em> President of the International Business Association IBF <em>General Manager of Moutai Bulao Global Franchise Pte Ltd<em>

In addition, the event also held the member admission ceremony for WLIN Vita Club, welcoming new women leaders to join the WLIN Global network. WLIN Vita Club is honored to welcome woman leader Trinh Thuy Nga – Director of the Viet Ngu No. 1 Company Limited and woman leader Nguyen Luong Thuy Trang – Director of development of WGH Network in HCM city.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong President of WLIN Global Holding present the certification for new members of the WLIN Vita Club<em>

Open an international cooperation opportunity

In the framework, Dr. Frederick Yap had spoken on the Moutai Bulao franchise model – The Mao Dai new generation for businesses – and expressed interest in finding franchise partners in Vietnam. Mr. Alvin Chua, Vice President of Ascent Bridge Singapore’s Steering Committee and representative of Moutai Bulao – Mao Dai New Generation, also spoke about the company’s history, extensive production process, and key elements, particularly for Mao Dai products.

<em>Mr Alvin Chua introduces the Mao Dai wine product<em>

Besides, Dr. Frederick Yap also shared more about the art of enjoying this special beverage. Especially, the guests had the opportunity to experience the famous Mao Dai wine during the event.

<em>Dr Frederick Yap and Alvin Chua shared and were invited to experience the Mao Dai wine product of Moutai Bulao Mao Dai new generation<em>

WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) is the place to learn about and engage Mao Dai wine franchise partners in Vietnam. WGH formed a Trade Promotion Board to best support trade promotion for partners. WLIN Global Holdings aspires to serve as a link between Vietnamese companies and the Moutai Bulao brand – Mao Dai New generation.

<em>The event Business matching The announcement ceremony WLIN Singapore Country Partner took place successfully<em>

Through the event “Business Matching: The Announcing Of WLIN Singapore Country Partner “, WLIN Global Holdings has successfully announced the new WLIN Country Partner from Singapore. In addition, the event provided an opportunity for effective exchange, sharing, and cooperation between Vietnamese and Singaporean businesses.

Reported by WLIN Global Holdings
Translated by WGH International team

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