For almost 30 years, Mrs. Nguyen Thi The Huong has make significant contributions to the growth of Hiep Huong Group (HHG Group). Recently, she was honored with the Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders 2022 award, which was organized in Ho Chi Minh City, by WLIN Global and WLIN Global Holdings.

HHG Group, established in 1993, affirms its position in Construction Material – Interior and Exterior Design Industry in Quang Ngai with its dynamic employees and nearly 500 agents. On their developing journey, HHG Group commits to being a significant, prestigious distributor that provides high-quality products from well-known brands, with a focus on customer satisfaction and the current social trends.

The journey to affirm the prominent position of Hiep Huong Group (HHG Group) in the market

After nearly 30 years of hard work to become the top-tier company in the Construction Material – Interior and Exterior Design Industry, Hiep Huong Group, operated by Mrs. Nguyen Thi The Huong, has constructed a professional Showroom to ensure future growth. Although the last three years have been difficult due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hiep Huong company, with its potential and the history advantage, has made a breakthrough in reorganizing and constructing the Hiep Huong Group (HHG Group) as a multi-industry corporation which includes retail, construction material distribution, real-estate investment, logistic… Hiep Huong Group provides customers with a variety of options for their own unique space thanks to high-quality building material sources, design consulting services, and a furniture company.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi The Huong’s business philosophy “Quality comes first” is critical to stable development. As a result, Hiep Huong Group concentrates and pleased with high-quality products for any superior project, satisfying house building demand, enhancing furniture style from the high-aesthetic project, and being suitable for any customers who live in Vietnam’s tropical environment.

Thrilled to receive the Top 50 Asian-Pacific Woman Leaders 2022

Experienced in the fierce and competitive market, with bravery and ingenuity, Mrs. Nguyen Thi The Huong has brought Hiep Huong Group to make steady progress in the market. Therefore, women leader Nguyen Thi The Huong has excellently honored with the prestigious award of Top 50 Women Leaders in Asian Pacific held on April 15, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City.

<em>Ms Nguyen Thi The Huong has been named one of the Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders 2022 award<em>

The prestigious Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders award 2022, with the theme “Courageous Roses,” was organized by WLIN Global and WLIN Global Holding. This award recognizes businesses and women leaders who are not only good at business development but also actively contribute to the community.

Hiep Huong Group (HHG Group) is gradually expanding, becoming one of the prestigious suppliers pioneering in the market of building materials, interior and exterior decoration in the Central area of Vietnam, thanks to the leadership of female leader Nguyen Thi The Huong. The cooperation is and continue to execute accompany mission with customers to bring products, efficient services, convey the inspiration of home space for families, create joy, peace and happiness for our customers.

TOP 50 Asian- Pacific Women Leaders 2022

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