Recently, businesswoman Vu Thi Luong, Customer Development Director of Gein Academy – Global Education and Innovation Joint Stock Company, signed a contract to become an Investor in the Co-Founders round of WLIN Global Holdings.

Besides being Customer Development Director of Gein Academy – Global Education and Innovation Joint Stock Company, entrepreneur Vu Thi Luong previously worked in the fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation at hospitals for 5 years, as well as in fields of performing for 10 years. She is also the consultancy specialist for Covid-19 patients at the Companion Doctors network.

A woman who aspires to help millions of Vietnamese people achieve personal growth

With a business philosophy based on three key factors: Morality – Wisdom – Willpower; Gein Academy, where Ms. Vu Thi Luong is Customer Development Manager, has helped develop people using the “Map For Success” method. Customers who visit Gein Academy will be assisted in better understanding themselves through methods of moral nurturing, training, and intellectual cultivation. Until now, the company has successfully helped over 30,000 customers understand themselves and trained over 3000 experts both nationally and internationally. After many years of experience in various fields, Vu Thi Luong realized that to live a healthy and happy life, people must first have a clear discernment, the right direction, and the ability to evaluate their own choices. Gein Academy is the link that will allow Vu Thi Luong to achieve her dream of building a better life for millions of Vietnamese.

Joined the Co-Founders round of WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) as an Investor because she believes in the potential of the project

As the one who cares about the development of the community, Ms. Vu Thi Luong has been making charitable contributions for many years, besides that she also wants to try her hand at investing to gain more experience. “Knowing Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) before, when I was informed about the IPO project of WLIN Global Holdings, I saw a lot of potentials and decided to become an Investor of the Co-founder round” Ms. Vu Thi Luong talked about the reasons for becoming an investor round Co-Founders of WLIN Global Holdings Women Leaders International Network (WGH). Furthermore, she sees humanity at WLIN Global Holdings (WGH), specifically towards the comprehensive development of women. WLIN Global Holdings’ (WGH) foresight of the opportunities for women leaders who join the Group has also impressed her.

<em>Entrepreneur Vu Thi Luong signed an agreement with Dr Nguyen Thu Huong Chairman of WLIN Global Holdings to become an investor of WLIN Global Holdings WGH<em>

Entrepreneur Vu Thi Luong gained many values from WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) after investing in the Co-Founders round. “WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) has enabled me to connect businesses extremely effectively, thereby increasing business recognition. WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) brings value by providing opportunities and a dynamic and youthful learning environment that connects other excellent leaders nationally and globally.” said Ms. Vu Thi Luong.

“Women today must demonstrate their abilities in order to achieve success and social standing. Women will need networks and environments like WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) to realize their potential, especially in 2022 and later, when the feminine trend takes over,” Ms. Vu Thi Luong shared about the role of modern women today.

Ms. Vu Thi Luong stated that after visiting WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) and meeting talented leaders such as Miss Hoang Yen and Ms. Leader Cao Thi Thu Thuy – Director of Be Vang restaurant, she is even more determined to work with WLIN Global Holdings in developing the IPO strategy. At the same time, this businesswoman told the WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) leadership and investors, “We are in the same boat, and I have faith that we will get to the right destination.”

<em>WLIN Global Holdings WGH Women Leaders International Network Joint Stock Company congratulates businesswoman Vu Thi Luong on becoming an Investor of Co Founders round<em>

Ms. Vu Thi Luong, who has many years of experience in various industries ranging from art to academia, will undoubtedly be a potential Investor, working with WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) to carry out the large-scale project, approaching the goal of IPO in 2026.

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