Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong and other speakers at the Dialogue session on the topic “Surviving in the Super Unstable Environment”, organized by the FSB Institute of Management & Technology, have provided individual investors and entrepreneurs with useful financial knowledge and the key to becoming more responsible and understanding investor when faced with difficulties and challenges.

The Vietnamese market showed impressive signs of recovery in 2022, although the global economic – financial context was fraught with unstable. However, on the other hand, The IMF stated that Vietnam’s economic recovery was robust but uneven, with numerous potential risks. Many individual and corporate investors are concerned about how to survive in this unstable period.

<em>During the Dialogue<em>

The Dialogue session on the topic “Surviving in the Super Unstable Environment” organized by the FSB Institute of Management & Technology had the sharing of Mr. Tran Thanh Tan – Deputy president of the Board of Directors of  Dragon Capital Fund managerment Joint Stock Company Viet Nam, who has participated in equitization consulting for more than 20 businesses, under the supervision of  Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, Chairman of WLIN Global Holdings and General Director of Nam Huong Group. In addition, the program also has the presence of many senior leaders and independent investors attending in person and online via Zoom.

<em>Mr Tran Thanh Tan Deputy president of the Board of Directors of Dragon Capital Fund managerment Joint Stock Company Viet Nam<em>

Mr. Tran Thanh Tan, one of the first people to provide financial advice to domestic companies, stated that when the stock market was first ascertained, leading businesses always gained many advantages besides to difficulties.They have comprehensive business coverage without the need for an advertising agency. It will be easier to raise capital and create favorable conditions for development as a pioneer enterprise.

When Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong asked what individuals should do to achieve investment efficiency? In addition, he stated that in a volatile market, each individual must determine what their goals are. Individual investors must remain alert in order to take appropriate and timely actions because the goal is one of the immutable factors for them to use against daily fluctuations. Instead of following the advice of others, be a wise investor and seriously equip yourself with knowledge and habits related to what you are doing.

<em>To achieve investment efficiency in a volatile market each individual must determine what they are aiming for said speaker Tran Thanh Tan<em>

Before the disruption of the global supply chain and high inflation pressure had a huge impact on economic and financial markets caused by global security instability. According to Mr. Tran Thanh Tan, in order to maintain the original goal, business owners must form a team of like-minded persons who are willing to support each other. When there is a group to support, the leader must be interested in policies for the benefit of employees; only then will the owner have the employees’ trust and dedication.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong agreed with Mr. Tran Thanh Tan on the importance of taking care of employees when running a business in a “super unstable” environment. Like taking care of the human immune system, if it is strong from the inside, it is difficult to get sick, and the company will be less affected by market fluctuations.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong President of WLIN Global Holdings General Director of Nam Huong Corp<em>

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong fully sympathizes with speaker Tran Thanh Tan’s assessment of the path to achieving his dreams: “The goal must be clear, highly focused, have a burning desire, be persistent, disciplined, and especially to have good health to be able to fulfill my dreams and ambitions.”

<em>At the end of the program investors businessmen and businesswomen take to preserve memories<em>

The “Surviving in the Super Unstable Environment ” Dialogue session has provided individual investors and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to make investment decisions, as well as relevant information to assist leaders in making investment decisions, strengthening morale, and making the right decisions when businesses face difficulties and challenges.

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