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Angle Investor of WLIN Global Holdings: Assisting in the development of a social networking platform for Women leaders

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Through the Journey to find Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022” – Introducing WLIN Partners in August and the talk show “Business in the digital era – opportunities & challenges” took place at New World Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, on August 28, 2022, WLIN Global Holdings signed with an Angel round investor towards the goal of successfully IPO in 2026.

The event was attended by the Executive Board of WLIN Global Holdings, WLIN Partners, Investors, and a large number of guests who are entrepreneurs.

<em>Executive Board of WLIN Global Holdings WLIN Partners Investors and guests<em>

The digital transformation Angel round investor

WLIN Global Holdings Group has come to the Angel round and received the companionship of many investors to join hands in the common goal of WLIN Global Holdings and multi-sector development for the Group and its joint venture companies. Within the framework of the program, WLIN Global Holdings welcomed an angel investor and also the investment unit in technology solutions to build a social network for Women operated by WLIN. Mr Ninh Gia Hanh – Co-Founder of myXteam, Co-Founder of EhubStar, Co-Founder of Startup 247 in the role of Angel Investor with two $ 100,000 slots to accompany the Group’s and joint venture companies’ implementation of the WTech segment.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong signed the agreement with Mr Ninh Gia Hanh an angel investor and also the investment unit in technology solutions to build a social network for Women operated by WLIN<em>

As a technology consultant, I want to accompany and support women in the WLIN Global Women Leaders International Network with technology applications as for their happiness. I bring to WGH a separate social network aimed at women, and the application will provide unique features that other social networks on the market do not. I want to be able to build a home-like social network where women can exchange, connect, and trade with friends in the same ecosystem as themselves.” Mr Ninh Gia Hanh shared about the plan to build a social network for WLIN Global Holdings

Mr. Ninh Gia Hanh has many years of experience in digital technology field, and myXteam and Ehubstar have extremely successfully grown under his talented leadership. MyXteam is a software that provides technology solutions to help optimize teamwork efficiency on digital platforms while minimizing the time on emails, or meetings. Currently, an increasing number of businesses are implementing Hybrid working forms (combining online and offline work), and following the Covid-19 pandemic, the online business market has been booming; everyone is working online because it is time autonomous, bringing convenience. But because of that, there will be many difficulties in managing the work sections. After recognized, Mr. Ninh Gia Hanh created an application that supports a variety of electronic devices, allowing users to exchange work information and manage all jobs regardless of where or when they are.

EhubStar is a company that specializes in providing solutions for developing an online social network system that is dedicated, modern, and exclusive to businesses that own domain names, data sources, and revenues. In the digital age, connecting on social networks has become extremely important and necessary in both daily life and business, so business owners must seize the opportunity in their community. Recognizing this, Mr. Ninh Gia Hanh founded Ehubstar to assist business owners in creating a community of people with similar interests in order to easily increase participation, communication, and loyalty while also bringing direct benefits to the business and its operations.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong presents Mr Ninh Gia Hanh with flowers and an Angel Investor Certificate<em>

At the event, entrepreneurs were capable of viewing summarizing images of WLIN Global Holdings’ August activities. Furthermore, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings, had a sharing about the strategic activities of WLIN Global Holdings in developing WLIN Partners and joint venture companies, as well as platforms for supporting network development, to jointly bring WLIN Global Holdings to a new level and successfully IPO in 2026. “With the group’s strategic activities, I foresee that WLIN Global Holdings will expand the market to all provinces of Vietnam, bringing more value to the community and the advancement of women.” said Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings Group shared about activities for supporting network development<em>

With a clear development strategy and feasible goals, WLIN Global Holdings has received the participation of new WLIN Partners in Ho Chi Minh City to accompany the goal of the group. The event took place the signing ceremony between WLIN Global Holdings and the new WLIN Partners: Ms. Le Thi Bich Thao – Co-Founder of WLIN Global Holdings, Director of Strategy & Sales at Lynk Invest Investment – Trade – Service Joint Stock Company , Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Thingo Group, Ms. Trinh Thuy Tien – Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Thuy Tien Jewelry Company 9999, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan – General Director of Fahom.

<em>WLIN Global Holdings presents flowers and certificates to new WLIN Partners in August<em>

Signing and launching WLIN Global Holdings member units

WLIN Global Holdings ecosystem is expanding the network, which includes many companies and member units, and aims to provide a variety of services to members and partners, most notably WAcademy – A combination of academies for businessmen and women, as well as the next generation. Within the framework of the event, WAcademy signed the agreement with the Hoa Sen University’s Graduated insitute to collaborate on the implementation of the Pro-MBA program for entrepreneurs.

Dr Nguyen Thu Huong Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings signed with Dr Doan Minh Chau Director of Hoa Sen Universitys Graduated to deploy the Pro MBA program for entrepreneurs

WLIN Global Holdings Group has collaborated with WHS Insurance to expand the development of the finance – insurance segment to proactively take care of women’s health and cooperation with partners specializing in Insurance – Finance in order to become a multi-faceted ecosystem for women leaders. Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings, and Mr. Pham Hong Khanh, President of YChi Vietnam and Strategic Advisor to WHS Insurance, officiated at the signing ceremony.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong signed the agreement with Mr Pham Hong Khanh to expand the development of finance insurance for WLIN Global Holdings<em>

Continuing the program, the announcement of New World and WService’s collaboration was also made. WService, a subsidiary of WLIN Global Holdings, is an app that was created with the goal of replacing physical VIP membership cards, meeting the needs of business connections, promoting business products and services, as well as building a loyal customer system and taking better care of loyal customers. The restaurants of the New World Saigon Hotel are investing in space and quality of food, especially with the collaboration of WService and New World, customers who use the WService app when visiting New World Saigon Hotel to enjoy seafood buffet programs will receive discounts of up to 20%.

<em>Mr Tran Kim Hung CEO of WService presents flowers to Ms Nguyen Huynh Nhut Trinh FB Sales Manager Sales Manager of Culinary Department New World Saigon Hotel<em>

Talkshow with the theme: “Business in the digital era – Opportunities & Challenges for women leaders”

Furthermore, the talk show “ Business in the digital era – Opportunities & Challenges for women leaders ” was held with the participations of Beauty Blogger Emmi Hoang – Founding President of WLIN Happy Queen, CEO of Happy Skin Beauty Clinic & Spa, Founder of Emmié by Happy Skin, Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang – Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Thingo Group, Mr. Ninh Gia Hanh – Co-Founder of myXteam , Co-Founder of EhubStar, Co-Founder of Startup 247, with the lead of Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings. The speakers gave extremely insightful sharings about business on the digital platform, helping women leaders equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and be more confident on the journey to conquering their business.

Speakers of the talk show from left Ms Nguyen Thu Trang Mr Ninh Gia Hanh Ms Emmié Hoang with the lead of Dr Nguyen Thu Huong

The program was followed by a Business Matching in which each business’s products and services were introduced so that guest entrepreneurs could interact and connect with potential business partners present at the event. Entrepreneurs listened to the introduction about the Pro-MBA training program exclusively conducted in combination between WAcademy & University from Dr. Doan Minh Chau – Director of the Institute of Graduated and Leadership – Hoa Sen University for business leaders; the introduction about the Academy’s goals and services by  Mr. Thai Hoang Khai – CEO of AI World Academy, Dr. MT Doan Phuc Linh Tam – Director of the Prince and Princess Academy shared about the goals and courses of the Academy, Ms. Nguyen Huynh Nhut Trinh – F&B Sales Manager – Culinary Department Sales Manager about the products and services of New World Saigon Hotel, Mr Tran Kim Hung – CEO of WService, Ms Trinh Thi Thuong – General Director of Getfit Gym & Yoga.

DR MT Doan Phuc Linh Tam Director of the Prince and Princess Academy shared about the Academys goals and specific courses

In order to build a communication strategy and bring effective communication services for the partners, WLIN Global Holdings has launched WMedia Agency (WMA) – a member company of the WLIN Global Holdings’s Ecosystem, specializes in media services, media strategy development, event organization. For a better understanding, Mr. Le Xuan Viet – General Director of WMedia Agency, has shared the vision, mission, and information about two upcoming events: “WMedia is a member company of WLIN Global Holdings and was founded on the basis of many years of experience of Nam Huong Group, with the mission of destined to become the leading prestigious media company in Vietnam, and I hope to be able to bring a Vietnamese-branded media company to the world. And in the last months of 2022, WMedia will jointly organize a lot of interesting events with WLIN Global Holdings, looking forward to everyone’s companionship.”

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong presents flowers to Mr Le Xuan Viet to celebrate the successful launch of WMedia Agency<em>

Continuing the program is the WService app’s lucky draw with impressive gifts from prestigious brands such as Bao Nghi Group and Happy Skin…

The program ended in a cheering and cozy atmosphere, all the guests were able to broaden their knowledge of digital business and witness the signing ceremony of new Angel Investors and WLIN Partners to become part of the Group working together toward the goal of IPO in 2026 and carrying out the mission of ” Creating a prosperous network of Women Leaders.” Especially with the companionship of Mr. Ninh Gia Hanh as an angel investor, WLIN Global Holdings will soon launch its own social network for women leaders.

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