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Real Madrid Foundation Clinics: The best choice for youngsters who desire to learn about football

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Real Madrid is the world’s greatest football club, not just for its achievements on the pitch, but also for its humanitarian efforts across the world.

Football is the king of sport in Vietnam and around the world. Along with the development of society, football is becoming more and more popular, providing an opportunity for big clubs to promote in potential markets while also recruiting young talents from around the world.

Community involvement is essential for a team with a global brand like Real Madrid. Real Madrid club has regular programs to connect with football fans all over the world, in which Real Madrid Foundation Clinics is a special program.

Japanese children at Real Madrid Foundation Clinics program in Tokyo

The role of Real Madrid Foundation Clinics

Real Madrid Foundation Clinics is a Real Madrid Club partnership program for football training courses in other countries – in addition to the football summer camp program held in Madrid. The program’s primary goal is to provide opportunities for children from different countries to experience the top football environment at a top football team. From there, the children will be developed physically, mentally and lifestyle, improving the quality of their education and daily activities.

As a result, the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics are a speacial opportunity for children all over the world who are passionate about football to learn about coaching methods and working styles at a world-class football club. Of course, this does not promise that they will become professional players in the future, but an open environment, discipline in exercise, and comfortable practice time will undoubtedly assist in their development physically, mentally, and intellectually.

Real Madrid Foundation Clinics are held in a number of different of countries around the world

Excellent coaches and fantastic facilities

Children in big cities in recent times don’t have much space for physical activity. For children, who are passionate about football, is even more difficult because urbanization is reducing the number and size of playgrounds.

To meet a portion of this demand, public centers are still providing football classes for children. However, the quantity and quality of training at these centers is limited, the facilities are still unsuitable, and many places dearth football experts, there just coaches without professional qualifications or students of Sports and Physical Gymnastics University.

However, at Real Madrid Football Clinics, the children will be coached by professional football experts from Spain. Typically, the program works with football coaches who have qualifications, qualifications, and experience that have been certified in Europe, so parents can be assured of the program’s quality.

Signing ceremony between Global Sport Management and CASICO

Opportunities for international education and exchange

By studying and practicing with coaches of Real Madrid Foundation Clinics, your childern will be able to train in a scientific and advanced manner. While their physicality has improved, the discipline and sense of self-discipline have also enhanced as a result of the coaches’ guidance and tutoring.

Aside from the health benefits, children have chance to practice coordination skill and teamwork skill, which improves communication with peers. More specifically, children attending Real Madrid Foundation Clinics had the opportunity to experience to Madrid (Spain’s capital) to participate in the program “Football summer camp,” which help your children interact with international friends.

Parents, on the other hand, must understand the difference between a community football program and a professional football training course. Participation in community football programs such as Real Madrid Foundation Clinics does not guarantee your children’s future as professional players. That is determined by a variety of factors, including natural talent, perseverance, passion, and even fortune.

Dr Nguyen Thu Huong and Mr Rafael Cascales Sisniega Founder of CASICO

Real Madrid Foundation Clinics have been brought to Vietnam by Global Sport Management and the International Consulting Firm CASICO (Spain).This is an opportunity for young people from 7 to 17 years old to experience the football training process taught by the coaches of the Royal Madrid Football Club.

“Global Sport Management is honored to have been recognized as the communication and marketing agency for the Real Madrid Football Clinic program in Vietnam. This program will bring coaches from Spain to Vietnam in the near future to train 100 students aged 7 to 17. Members of WLIN Global, in particular, will have access to exclusive deals”, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of Global Sport Management shared.

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