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The magnificent and meaningful Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders Awards 2022

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On October 28, 2022, the “Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022” ceremony was held successfully. This is a global event that brings together WLIN Global members from around the world.

The event of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022, held at White Palace Center (Thu Duc City), was organized by WLIN Global Holdings and WLIN Global in collaboration with BSIN Global, produced by Nam Huong Media & Event, and steered by the Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA).

This is a prestigious award to appreciate Vietnamese Women Leaders who work in a variety of fields around the world, as well as their capacity to develop communities. This year, the program embarked on a three-month journey to find nominees from the WLIN Global network via weekly Business Matching events held across the country and continents.

“WLIN Global was established in 2013 to create a network that can help women overcome their limitations and connect businesses across borders. Our goal is to build a global network of 50,000 to 300,000 women leaders who share the same mission of creating ecosystems, serving and assisting them on their career journeys, and thus creating a prosperous network of women leaders” – shared by Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings, Head of the organizing committee at the ceremony.

The event gathered a large number of WLIN Global members from all over the world. Especially, the event was attended by leading politicians, industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs, members of the Advisory Board, international business associations, as well as Vietnamese and international media organizations. All were impressed with the luxurious space, beautiful performances, grand stage and special content of the Awards Ceremony.

Before the Awards Ceremony, there were two talk shows on the topics “Entrepreneurs and Knowledge-Based Economy” and “Entrepreneurs and Knowledge-Based Economy.” The practical sharing of the speakers, who are experts and successful celebrities, bringing insightful and appealing information, attracted the interest of the guests to the discussion sessions.

<em>Entrepreneurs in the Talks on the topic Entrepreneurs and Knowledge based economy<em>
<em>The second talk show with the topic<em><br><em>Restructuring and operating enterprises by using the capital mechanism<em>
<em>Mrs Dorothy Mayhew Political Counselor US Consulate in HCMC<em>

“The award ceremony for the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders is an opportunity for us to meet and learn from one another in order to seek opportunities for cooperation, share experiences, motivation, and energy. I believe the program will help to give women a stronger voice in creating and developing the local, regional, and global economies.” – Mrs. Eline Van Der Veen – Deputy Consulate General of the Netherlands.

<em>Mrs Eline Van Der Veen Deputy Consulate General of the Netherlands<em>

Also, within the framework, the organizers awarded “The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice 2022”. This is an award voted by WLIN Global to honor prominent Vietnamese and international businesses and brands with prestigious, community-oriented products and services.

Aside from the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022 Award Ceremony, the program also supports the launching ceremony for the Top 100 Business Style – The Pioneers 2022-2023 award. The award seeks and honors entrepreneurs who are fully dedicated to the growth of their businesses and creating many noble values for society.

<em>In addition WLand Global signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Property X Joint Stock Company a subsidiary of Hung Thinh Corporation<em>

In addition, the program includes the official launch of WLIN Global Holdings ecosystem members WIC and WLand Global. Simultaneously, the audience witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between WIC and partners such as English Language System – Sydney Academy, Ehubstar Vietnam, and Training Royal Stem Cell Canada. In addition, WLand Global signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Property X Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Hung Thinh Group.

The program is honored to have the companionship of the following units:

Gold Sponsor: Property X Joint Stock Company – a member of Hung Thinh Corporation and Goldsun Media Group.

Silver Sponsor: Mylina Group và Shojiki.

With companions: Women Leader Magazine, WAcademy, WService, W-Invest Capital, Pro Image, Women Startup, Vy Marya Co., Ltd., Le Bao Minh Joint Stock Company, Ozzy Trading Co., Ltd., Kisin Brand – HUNG DUNG CONSUMER JOINT STOCK COMPANY, Lychee Joint Stock Company, Crilin Company, Cleo Nail & Spa, Van An Architecture, Khanh Hoa Kha Yen Salanganes’Nest, Dhera Group, PearlTalk Brand – Bkshop Company Limited, Crystabaya Joint Stock Company, DSHi German Training Center, La Clé Group, Yuan Zhong Siu Company, Phung Thien Anh Trading Co., Ltd, Ann Fashion, Co., Ltd. L.A., Angela Ngo Co., Ltd.…

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