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Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh: Proudly receiving the award of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022

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Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh – Member of WLIN Pioneer EU+ in Germany is one of the delegates honored on the stage of Top 100 Vietnamese International Outstanding Women Leaders 2022. She is currently the General Director of the Magdeburg Trade Center, and is the prominent figure of WLIN Global in Germany.

<em>Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh fifth from left comes to the stage with members of the WLIN InterContinental Alliance<em>

At the Awards Ceremony of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022, which took place at the White Palace Exhibition and Event Center (HCMC) on the evening of October 28, businesswoman Phan Thi Binh went to the stage in the lineup of the WLIN Pioneer EU+ Club and the WLIN InterContinental Alliance. She is a member of the Real Estate Department – Interior and Exterior of the Club, and is the General Director of Magdeburg Trade Center, Germany.

Businesswoman with the spirit of overcoming difficulties to rise up overseas

From the first days of going abroad, businesswoman Phan Thi Binh has faced difficulties and hardships, but nothing can make her subdued but make her stronger. “My start-up process is also very difficult. I have gone up and down countless times to get here today.”,  Ms. Phan Thi Binh shared.

Starting from a factory job, she quit and opened a small clothing stand. After two hard years, she has organized an import-export company of garments, wholesale for small and medium-sized companies. Experiencing many difficulties and challenges, up to now, businesswoman Phan Thi Binh has created great business values. Her business always accompanies community activities, organizes many charity activities for the poor, for victims of Agent Orange, victims of natural disasters in her homeland, etc. She is bringing the company close to the big market, attracting more Vietnamese people living in Germany to participate, meeting the growing needs of life.

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Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh always takes the trust of customers as her priority, she gives customers absolute trust with her business. Her motto is: respect everyone, live healthy, enjoy life and love family. Ms. Binh is the model of honesty, respecting everyone, enterprising, and always being ready to take responsibility for all risks, not being afraid of difficulty. She always knows how to improve herself and grasp the social situation. Not only is a talented woman in business, she is also a woman of the family, she has a stable and happy family life.

Being honored in the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022

Entrepreneur Phan Thi Binh is a member operating at the Real Estate – Interior and Exterior Department of WLIN Pioneer EU+ – one of the clubs of Alliance with Vietnamese members in foreign countries – WLIN Intercontinental. Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh is carrying out the great mission to contribute to the growing development of WLIN Pioneer EU+ in particular and WLIN Global in general, spreading positive energy for other members to together make a better society.

<em>Ms Phan Thi Binh was honored in the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022 <em>

With her great achievements in business, along with her positive contributions to the society and the WLIN Global community, Businesswoman Phan Thi Binh was honored in the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022. This is a prestigious award to honor Vietnamese female entrepreneurs operating in different fields around the globe.

“WLIN is the bridge connecting people closer together, spreading life values ​​to the community” – Ms. Phan Thi Binh shared. WLIN and Ms. Phan Thi Binh jointly spread good life values that strong and enterprising women converge and create business opportunities together.

<em>Ms Phan Thi Binh received a certificate from Dr Nguyen Thu Huong on the right hand side President of WLIN Global Holdings and Ms Eline van der Veen Deputy Consul General of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City<em>

With the desire that women in the world try to learn to rise up because “nothing is impossible”, businesswoman Phan Thi Binh has been joining hands with WLIN Global to connect, learn and exchange leadership experiences, helping women to be confident, overcome difficulties and create good values ​​for the community.

Once again, congratulations to businesswoman Phan Thi Binh with the award of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022. Hope she will be more radiant, and achieve more success.

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